ARMS: Character Introduction and Weapon Showcase videos (now in English)

ARMS is a unique fighting game Nintendo revealed during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, in January. You get to fight with various fighters, each with their abilities. And today, Nintendo uploaded an English version of the Character Introduction video, introducing 5 of these fighters.

The 5 fighters are:

  • Springman: a balanced character with good speed and power. He can knock attacks thanks to the shockwaves his dashes leave behind, which allows you to easily counter-attack (with the right timing of course). If health drops below 25%, he never runs out of charge attacks;
  • Ribbon Girl: she can jump in the air repeatedly, and then drop swiftly, which is pretty useful when you want to evade attacks. Of course, she can also attack from up high, and counter-attack swiftly after jumping above incoming punches;
  • Ninjara: he can warp by using his air-dash, but also while guarding (also great for counter-attacks);
  • Mister Mummy: he cannot dash or jump at all, but he also cannot be stunned or anything by enemy attacks. He can get back some health while guarding;
  • Mechanica: she can hover in the air during a jump. And even when she’s jumping, she cannot be knocked down by her opponent’s punches.

Here’s the video introducing those 5 fighters:

The Weapon Showcase introduces some of the weapons you can use in battle:

  • Toaster: when charged, they cast fire, which burns enemies when you hit them (dealing even more damage), and always knocks them down;
  • Megaton: big, slow, and heavy. When charged, your punches become even bigger, and will not be knocked off course by your opponent’s punches;
  • Sparky: after charging it, you get the power of electricity. When opponents are hit by such punches, they become stunned for a few seconds;
  • Boomerang: after charging it, you get the power of wind. When opponents are hit by such punches, they are sent flying. You can guide them around obstacles, you can hit enemies hiding behind walls;
  • Revolver: allows you to send three “projectiles” when you use your punches. When charged, you can stun enemies. Unfortunately, this weapon has a major drawback: said “projectiles” can easily be knocked off course by your opponent’s punches;
  • Slapamander: allows you to use whipe-like punches. When charged, you get the power of fire.

Arms will offer a lot of options for arm types, and it turns out you can actually mix them up at will. It will be up to you to find the ultimate combo… or quite simply the one you’re most comfortable with!

Here’s the video showcasing the various arm types:

ARMS (Switch) comes out in Spring, worldwide.



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