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Apico (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 4.0.0 – Hive of Industry)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Apico on Nintendo Switch (originally released on July 7th 2022 in Europe and North America, and October 13th 2022 in Japan)!

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Apico – Ver. 4.0.0 (Hive of Industry)

  • Release date: May 20th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Honeycore Crystals

  • Changed Bobbee’s stock to sell new items used in making your own crystal machines and tools
  • Changed the Forge to finally have a use, allowing you to melt Honeycore into Liquid Crystal
  • Added Resonators, which allow you to solidify Liquid Crystal into different forms based on the environment
  • Added sev- I mean six different Crystals that can be created
  • Added the Resonance Meter, which can check the resonance of the environment, try exploring different areas and sounds!
  • Added the Crystal Workbench, sold by Bobbee, which can be used to craft new automation items and crystal tools

Automation Machines

  • Changed Auto-sawmill, Auto-centrifuge and Auto-squeezer to now be craftable at the Crystal Workbench (sold by Bobbee)
  • Added 8 new automation machines, also crafted at the Crystal Workbench
  • Added Hoppers, which let you gather items from output slots and move items to input slots automatically
  • Added Shredders, which let you quickly turn logs/planks/sticks into sawdust
  • Added Loggers, which let you harvest and replant trees automatically
  • Added Pickers, which will automatically gather nearby flowers, leaving 1 of each species to still spread
  • Added Sprinklers, which use water to automatically grow nearby saplings and seedlings instantly
  • Added Condensers, which let you combine multiple canisters/frames/tools into 1 item with the durability of all items condensed
  • Added Ploppers, which let you gather and distribute liquids between machines automatically
  • Added Shippers, which let you sell items to the mainland automatically

Crystal Items

  • Added Crystal Chests, each type of chest shares its inventory with all other matching chests, no matter where they are!
  • Added 5 new late game tools, crafted at the Crystal Workbench:
  • Added the Crystal Axe, a powerful axe that can chop multiple trees down at within the same area
  • Added the Crystal Hammer, an enhanced hammer that can break the bigger honeycore crystals down to size!
  • Added the Crystal Shovel, capable of removing delicate coral beehives, as well as the coral itself once restored
  • Added the Tuning Fork, which can skip the current track playing from a Jukebox/Tapeplayer/Gramophone/Radio
  • Added the PWNHAMMER, an otherworldly hammer that can break things not meant to be broken…
  • Added the Relocator, a strange magical item that allows you to move objects with their contents intact…

Hivemother’s Chamber

  • The Hivemother Door now has it’s own menu similar to gates, and only requires 18 specific bees to open
  • After opening the game now lets you go to a new area by clicking on the open door…
  • This new area acts as your final checklist to beat the game!
  • If you already 100%ed the game you just need to go up to the door, go through when open, and to the center to get both the new achievements


  • Added Pets! Choose from 16 different critters you can find or buy to be your new BFF
  • Added the Donator, sold by Skipper, it lets you donate special produce to the mainland in return for cute pets!
  • Added some seasonal pets, sold by the Merchant during Hivemas and Hallowbeen (including the competition winner dino!)
  • Added the other competition finalists via the Nutcracker’s special produce – 4 in total

Bees & Butterflies

  • Added the Oracle, crafted at the Crystal Workbench, it lets you foretell the outcome of a queens offspring – with scary accuracy!
  • Added Pressurised Hives, crafted at the Crystal Workbench, that allow you to keep deep sea bees above ground!
  • Added Netted Frames, bought from Abbee, these fancy frames prevent any seeds from being collected and clogging up your extractors!
  • Added Bug Hotels, sold by Sto & Codey, these allow you to use bee produce to attract bugs to eat it, leaving lots of flora for the biome they’re in!
  • Added the Fragile Bee, found in large honeycore stalagmites, that produces glass shards to let you craft your own bottles (finally free of the skipper monopoly)
  • Addeda couple new bees and a butterfly for the seasonal events (see below)
  • All special produce now has either a special use, or is used for special crafting, solitary bees, bug hotels, fishing, alchemy, or getting pets
  • Hovering over a beehive/apiary will now show a mini lifebar UI to quickly see how long a queen has left without opening the menu
  • Added a small indicator to bees with the “beetrice” trait in beeboxes/beebanks
  • Added “warnings” to show on beehives if Royal Trumpet or Perpetunia is nearby to explain the effect
  • Added a “degrumped” label to the bee tooltip for degrumped bees
  • Books now show the exact amount you have repopulated for each social bee, solitary bee and butterfly
  • Beenjamin now has hints for all main bees, including coral and underwater bees
  • Beeboxes and Beebanks now have some basic filtering and sorting for the 6 main traits
  • Reef Skipper caterpillers have changed their mind and would now like seaweed instead of seashells, thanks!


  • Changed dyes to be much more saturated and colorful rather than being a weak tint (far more noticeable on flooring and marble too)
  • Added over 50 new decorative items! Who says I don’t give ya nuffin
  • Added Beetrix’s Workshop, sold be Beetrix, it allows you to craft lots of the new decoration items
  • Added Abbee’s Atelier, sold by Abbee, it allows you to craft even more of the new decoration items
  • Added the Hive Wand, a craftable tool at the workbench that lets you turn wooden walls and flooring into honeycomb variants using honeycomb!
  • Added Plinths, craftable items that can be used to display any item on a pedestal (crafted at Workbench using walls)
  • Added new Marble Pots, sold by Skipper as part of his special items
  • Added the number of the dye being currently used by the brush to the paintbrush item slot

Seasonal Events

  • You can now celebrate Hivemas and Hallowbeen in the world of APICO, along with the NPCs!
  • Hivemas will activate during the whole month of December (in the real world)
  • Hallowbeen will activate between October 23rd and November 7th (in the real world)
  • You can manually turn these events on and off at any time of the year in the Settings > Accessibility menu
  • You can also activate these events for just a single day using the two new Apicolas (one for each season)
  • During Hivemas, look out for presents, a new social bee + solitary bee, and 6 new pets!
  • During Hallowbeen, look out for grave markers, a new social bee + butterfly, and 2 new pets!
  • Added a couple of seasonal-themed hats, try them out at the Dresser!

Misc. Stuff

  • There is a 10% chance that rainstorms will become “honeystorms” (50% when using the rain idol)
  • During Honeystorms which your luck will increase across all aspects of the game
  • Added Apise Carpet, a fancy carpet you can craft at the Workbench that you run faster on!
  • Added a smaller variant of the hydroponic pots for aquatic flowers (crafted at a Workbench)
  • Added a few Terraria references, there’s 8 to find!
  • Updated the two bookshelf menus to have fancy designs to display your progress + stats
  • Updated the credits and the credit “postcards”


  • Moth has composed a final farewall to you all for the world of APICO, with 9 new tracks added to the in-game music!
  • You can purchase these new “golden” tracks from Mothense during a honeystorm
  • There is also a special seasonal song for both Hivemas + Hallowbeen, which you can get from Presents/Graves respectively
  • Added the Radio, a special machine that will play music from all the tracks + tapes you’ve bought/discovered (crafted at crystal workbench)


  • Added 10 new quests to help cover some of the older content update content as well as new content so things are a bit clearer
  • Tweaked some of the rewards for some quests

General Changes

  • Renamed “Acclimatiser” to “Adapter” to avoid people thinking it changed the climate bees liked
  • Increased amount of pots made when crafting them (now 4 per craft)
  • Flowers in pots now have unique sprites so they look nicer and fit better with the pots types
  • Added some visual distinctions between different frame types
  • Fishing rods now show a small icon for the color of lure you have equipped (if any)
  • Increased amount of flora gained from composters a bit (but the new bug hotels are a better source of flora if you need volume)
  • Increased smoker burn rates a little bit to help that sawdust go for longer
  • If you hold “E” while holding “R” to respawn (L+R with A on gamepad) you’ll respawn at Skipper’s pier instead of your respawn point (you didn’t dismantle that pier, right?)
  • Captain’s reward boat for completing all the fishing looks… slightly different
  • The flower book now explicitly lists the flower’s trait buff or the special effect nickname shown on tooltips (if any)
  • Reduced the number of seeds got from frames in an extractor/centrifuge/seperators
  • The map now shows the other areas, including underwater, geode caves, and the dream, which also fixes issues with crystal hive markers
  • Social Bees that need honeycore crystals can now use all size crystals as well as crystal seedlings nearby
  • Pots are now under the beekeeping section of the workbench to try and help show why they can be useful (prevent flower spread from bees)
  • You can now craft empty bottles and incense bottles using the glass shards produced by the Fragile Bee
  • Repopulation targets for Solitary Bees and Butterflies has been reduced from 20/12/5 to 15/10/5, meaning you need 5 less to fully repopulate each
  • Couple buy/sell price tweaks here and there, mainly for Codey & Sto’s stock
  • You can now drop a single item from a stack on gamepad by picking up the stack and pressing Y over an empty slot (X still drops half the stack)
  • Added a visual indicator of being blessed by the Hivemother (receiving Grandpa’s Axe) in the top left corner
  • Added the anvil to the “use with” icon list for tools to remind people it exists
  • You can now use watering cans on seaweed/shell piles once you’ve restored that reef
  • You can now use watering cans on algae/kelp that hasn’t grown yet (don’t think about that too much)
  • Watering cans now have durability (so better save your now unlimited fancy watering can from 3.X)
  • Reduced the “hunger” of caterpillers a large amount
  • Reduced the time it takes for cocoons to hatch into butterflies by a third
  • Reduced how long butterflies last for in the butterfly hotels (you can still use Butterfly’s Friend to keep it longer for buff usage)
  • Expanded the Magazine Rack so that you can fit all social bee mags in one
  • Added a small tip on the expanded flower tooltips to mention you can place them on grass walls/hedges
  • Having Pepetunia or Royal Trumpets near your beehives will now show a warning in the beehive menu
  • Mined honeycore crystals that regrow chance to grow into the “larger” variant during the next full moon
  • Paintbrush now shows the number of dye currently active in the item slot
  • You can now find books in the Lost + Found


  • You can now view achievements from the home screen in a new fancy achievements menu!
  • For non-Steam + Switch players you’ll need to play a bit to see achievements you already met the criteria for unlocked here
  • For Steam players you can click on an achievement you’ve unlocked to force unlock it in Steam if for some reason it failed to proc
  • There’s only 2 new achievements, I still wanted to make sure new players got rewarded for some of the new content, but consious of the completionists! If you already had 104%ed the game then should be easy to get these outstanding ones as you’ll just be interacting with the new area and probably have a bee to hand for the 3rd one


  • Updated to use latest APIs as old ones were discontinued
  • You can specify whether your custom tanks are distribute or gather tanks for Plopper purposes (distrib by default)
  • Added api_define_pet() to let you define your own pet item
  • Added api_define_preview() to let you override an object placement preview sprite
  • api_slot_set now has an additional parameter to specify if you want a menu change triggered (default false to prevent infinite loops)


  • Added a new A11Y option to remove the per-species fishing RNG chance, meaning as long as you have the right conditions + lure you’ll get the species you expect rather than apicarp/junk
  • Added a new A11Y option to manually set the season to Hallobeen, Hivemas, or None. By default these seasons activate to match real-life times


  • Fixed an issue where having a lot of beehives would cause a noticeable lagging every 1s when walking around
  • Fixed an issue with beehives offscreen that the host hasn’t walked near yet sometimes not ticking down when a client is near them
  • You can now enter a custom IP address to use for Beenet for people who want to host their own Beenet!
  • The main Beenet server is NOT going down anytime soon so YOU DO NOT NEED A CUSTOM SERVER!
  • You can get more info on how to host your own server here and get the source code for the server here: LINK TODO
  • Using a custom server will not change any multiplayer functionality at all, however there is some setup required
  • Client map discovery should now be saved correctly between sessions
  • Fixed smokers not being tied to the host world properly leading to mismatched smoker properties
  • Fixed nurserys + butterfly hotels not syncing visually
  • Fixed nurseries setup by clients not updating the butterfly repop counts for all players
  • Fixed habitats placed by clients not having the correc biome for the host

This update also includes all the content from Ver. 3.0.0 – What Lies Beeneath:

  • The phase of the moon has been added, and is shown next to the night icon at night (top left)
  • Moon phase moves forward 1 phase with each in-game night (I like accuracy but I’m not that mean)
  • Added Tom’s Pocketwatch, given by the new moon quest, which displays the time, weather forecast (if any), and moon phase
  • Tom’s Pocketwatch counts as a key item so can also be got from the Lost+Found if you lose it
  • You will have better luck generally during a Full Moon
  • Lunar Bee now requires a Full Moon to appear Honeycore now only re-grows during a Full Moon (weird I wonder why)
  • You’ll find other things that rely on a Full Moon too…
  • Introducing The Captain, aka, Skipper’s Dad, found on his pier to the south-east of Port APICO!
  • He’ll teach you how to fish and finally chill out for once ya landlubber!
  • Added the Fly Workshop, bought from The Captain, this allows you to craft your own fly fishing lures
  • Added Fishing Rods, bought from The Captain – use with a lure to fish in deep water!
  • Added the Fishing Board, used to keep track of the fish you’ve discovered, and their bumbly variants
  • Birbs can now drop feathers when scared off!
Coral Reefs
  • Introducing Director Bumblemore, head of MPCO & ocean conservationist, found near the Tundra!
  • He’ll arrive after you’ve unlocked the Forest and Swamp gates and teach you about coral!
  • Added various coral related items, sold by the Director
  • You’ll now discover 3 different coral reefs scattered around the oceans, in various states of restoration
  • Gather fragments of coral and restore them in Coral Tanks
  • Use Coral Scaffolding along with nearby bees to help regrow your coral
  • Once you restore a coral reef new flora and flowers will grow, letting you attract coral butterflies and solitary bees
  • Restore each of the 3 coral reefs to get some very cool items from Bumblemore!
Ocean Depths
  • Speak to Director Bumblemore to learn about ocean diving and all the strange bugs down there…
  • Added the Diving Helmet which lets you dive to the ocean depths (can buy from Bumblemore after 1 reef is restored)
  • Added three different underwater areas to find and explore! Don’t get lost…
  • Added Sludge, a strange run-off from the mainland collecting on the ocean floor (gross!)
  • Added the Filtration Hive, that allows you to use Filters instead of Frames to clean-up the mess
  • Added the Sludge Extractor, that allows you to clean Filters and gather items from the sludge
  • Cleaning up Sludge might reveal secrets that have been hidden a long time…
  • Added 11 new social bees, who make their homes across the reefs and the ocean floor
  • Added 5 new solitary bees, who can be found nesting in the reefs and deep underwater
  • Added the Hive Tool, a craftable tool that lets you harvest honeycomb + filled frames from beehives without having to open them (ikr!!!)
  • Apiaries now have a special visual when the frames inside are filled to save you looking (a throwback to the original concept art for APICO!)
  • Added the Degrumpifier, a machine that allows you to remove grumpiness from bees (bought from Bumblemore)
  • Bees buzzing around now match the color of the species in the beehive! (so many pretty colours!)
  • Beehotels + Habitats will show a bee visiting on the overworld alongside the notice bubble when a visitor is near (for vibes)
  • You can now use “R” to quick queen when a hive menu is hovered on PC
  • Repopulating a species entirely will spawn some natural beehives of that species in their preferred biome (if you’ve already repopulated a bunch of species just put a random bee in a rehabeelitator to retrigger all of them)
  • There’s a couple of new colors of natural beehive that will spawn (you can also use Dye Station to get them – pink, lime, brown)
  • Added 10 new butterflies, who flit about the coral and the sea bed
  • This includes the competition butterfly, designed by Holli! (Congratulations again!)
  • Added the Butterfly Box, a mass butterfly release machine, sold by Sto (doesnt affect conservation)
  • Added the Lepidoterarium, a mass butterfly storage machine like the Beebank, sold by Sto
  • If there is no room for new flowers, butterflies in hotels will mutate existing flowers instead
  • Hovering a flower with a butterfly with a net now shows a preview of the butterfly species
  • Added 8 new strange types of flowers, found out to sea as well as deep below
  • Variant flowers can now spread and mutate back into their original variants
  • If there’s no room for new flowers, butterfly hotels will mutate existing flowers instead
  • Added 15 new achievements to cover all the new areas of content!
  • Added 6 new amazing music tracks – the Sea-Sides! Moths gone and freakin done it again gang
  • 3 of these tracks you’ll hear as part of the normal day/night cycle, 3 you’ll only hear underwater…
  • You can now use the quick-store button to the right of your hotbar to move inventory items into nearby crates (you can also press “Q” when not highlighting a menu to do the same thing, or “R3” on a gamepad). Quick-store will move all items in your inventory (not hotbar) into nearby crates as long as the crate has that item (and room)
  • When opening your inventory, you now have a separate trash slot and backpack slot, free of charge! (on gamepad, use triangle/Y while highlighting the backpack slot to open it)
  • Pressing “Delete” on MKB over an inventory slot will send that item to the trash slot for you
  • Added new ocean-themed decor: fishing crates, worn crates, water buoys, water lanterns, new pier tiles, striped wall, and new banners
  • Added new critters to the world, not just birds! Frogs, fish, snails, dragonflies – oh my!
  • Character Creation & the Dresser now have a Randomise button, get ready for some crazy combinations
  • Also added some new hat/hair options to pick from, including your own Skipper Hat!! (check the Dresser!)
  • Gates are now visible on the map alongside the boats + NPCs
  • On MKB you can now remap the R key (respawn + quick queen hotkey), as well as Y (butterfly book)
  • Item stack size has now been increased from 99 to 999 (ur welcome)
  • Alchemy Bench now shows a hint in the UI for number of recipes found vs total recipes to find (spoilers, it’s 11)
  • Banners placed on fence posts now sit slightly higher to look “correct”
  • NPC hitboxes have been increased to make them easier to talk to / bonk
  • Added beehotel icons to items that can be used in beehotels to help hint at what can be used/saved
  • NPCs now have multiplyer buttons above their stock allowing you to quickly buy 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 99x of any stackable item
  • You can now shift-click buy items if you have inventory room (for quick buying singular items like frames) – works for gamepad too
  • The game will now store a backup save in “/backup” before saving (same root folder as your “/saves”)
  • Basic, treated, and honeycomb frames have an extra use each – now 4, 6, and 3 respectively (this will only apply to newly created frames after updating to 3.0)
  • Achievement unlocks for the “3-tier” type achievements have been adjusted to compensate for the new bees/butts
  • Flowers and sawdust bricks will now give 80s of time per item in a Smoker (used to be 60s)
  • Multiplayer has been changed so that when you join a host game you’ll be able to pick from all your multiplayer characters. You can make up to 5 different multiplayer characters. (before only one multiplayer character existed per host and you couldn’t pick it)
  • Revamped the UUID system to fix the issues some people were seeing with not being able to see friends
  • Fixed butterfly restoration status not being synced to the client
  • Fixed not being able to use the shrine or door in the dream as a client
  • NPC dialogue progress should now be saved for clients properly
  • The accessibility menu has been redesigned, with each option having a proper description
  • A new accessibility option has been added to help distinguise between similar bee items (“Bee Labels”). This will add the first 3 letters of the species name to any slot a bee is in.
  • A new accessibility option has been added to allow you to modify bee lifespan/productivity values GLOBALLY. This allows you to make all bees live longer/slower or work faster/slower depending on your preference. Remember that if you make bees lifespans extremely short they might not produce anything! (Both these options will be inherited from the host when playing in multiplayer)
  • Fixed using up on the DPAD to open the quest book also moving up 1 chapter (finally)
  • Fixed a bunch of butterfly effects not working properly in butterfly hotels (princess, marsh, wtempest, faded)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos, and added a bunch of new ones I’m sure! Fixed delay of highlighting GUI elements like time of day or weather icons in top-left
  • Fixed using a bed in a certain “special” area setting your spawn position thus softlocking, doomed to be stuck with me forever
  • Fixed “Not enough money” error not taking into account any discounts
  • Fixed being able to place grass in the devland (sorry)
  • Fixed blank/empty/corrupted save files causing the game to never be able to start
  • Fixed some button states not updating immedietely after being clicked
  • Fixed picking up shiny butterflies not counting as unlocking the shiny butt
  • Fixed the messenger bees not being shown flying away when using an altar
  • Fixed being able to click on the Hivemother Door through menus/buttons
  • Fixed Beenjamin asking for a “Behaviour Behaviour” when really he wanted a “Cathemeral Behaviour” (what a joker)
  • Fixed Royal Trumpet not working on beehives that are offscreen
  • Fixed the bee book intro chapters having “bee” added the chapter hover tooltip
  • Fixed the solitary bee book overview chapter not staying stickied to the top
  • Fixed Hivemother Door opening sequence having a yellow bg instead of a grey one
  • Fixed a crash caused when trying to drain a raintank with a canister containing any non-water liquid
  • Fixed credits not being visible when high contrast text is enabled
  • Fixed guidebook scroll not scrolling enough when enough modded quests got added
  • Fixed nana’s postcard text not being visible when high contrast text is enabled
  • Fixed NPC dialogue prompts not showing a visual highlight if you close an NPC menu mid conversation (how rude)
  • Fixed slight delay of the “Set Sail” text not showing immedietely on character creator screen
  • Fixed beehives that are left during the 5s of breeding and go offscreen not making the queen until they’re back on screen
  • Fixed not being able to catch Greater Dreamers or Moth(ense) when using a golden net
  • Fixed shiny bees not doing their lovely shine animation
  • Fixed lanterns not having any shadows
  • Fixed “Press ESC to close all windows” showing all the freakin’ time
  • Pre-emptively fixed the fact that you could equip the rubber ring and then sail a boat through solid land (it was super fun soz)
  • Purple dyed beehives in the Dye Station are now actually purple

Apico – Ver. 2.0.0 (I Can’t Beelieve It’s Not Butter(flies)! Update)

  • Release date: May 11th 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 12th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Content
  • Added new NPC, Sto! Sto is a researcher from the Mainland who will introduce you to Butterflies and give you her journal to learn more! You can find Sto to the west of the first forest island.
  • Added butterflies! Butterflies spawn randomly based on their preferred flowers and conditions. There are 15 butterflies to discover, along with “golden” variants! Buy a net from Sto to start catching them.
  • Added 10 new flowers! Through cross-mutation of butterflies you can discover these strange variants and their new flower effects.
  • Added Butterfly Hotels! Butterflies in hotels can cause all sorts of strange effects to the nearby environment, as well as mutate nearby flowers.
  • Added Nurseries! Used to help repopulate butterflies by taking their eggs through the natural lifecycle
  • Added new NPC, Codey! Codey is a researcher from the Mainland who will introduce you to Solitary Bees, and give you her notes to learn more! You can find Codey to the east of the second forest island.
  • Added solitary bees! Solitary bees don’t live in hives, and will only appear through Bee Hotels under the right conditions! There are 12 solitary bees to discover.
  • Added Bee Hotels! Bee hotels let you create small ecosystems that can attract different solitary bees for you to discover, along with “golden” variants!
  • Added Habitats! By building specific habitats for solitary bees, you can help repopulate that species! They’ll even leave you little gifts!
  • Added new NPC, Moth(ense)! A moth??? Where are they? What do they sell? That’s for you to discover…
  • Added two new glorious books, Sto’s Butterfly Journal (open with Y when discovered), and Codey’s Notes (accessed from the bee book via Tab when discovered)
  • Added more actual lore (oh my god), and a chance to learn more about (and help) the Mainland!
  • Added some new quests to cover candle making and incense, plus cross-mutation of flowers
  • Added new flora items found by picking shrubs, used with butterflies & solitary bees
  • Added new decoration tiles, including variants of edging + pier tiles, marble tiles and giant lilypads
  • Added two new carpets, a green and a white variant
  • Added a new plain shrub wall to go with the marble and wood shrubs
  • Added Mothense’s “Bee-sides” to the in-game music rotation, meaning 11 new tracks will now play
  • Added the bee-sides in-game as collectables, but where might you find them I wonder?
  • Added a bookshelf item that can store your books, changes appearance based on how many books are in it
  • Added a new watering can item, that can instantly grow any placed flower seed
  • Added a couple more hair styles (including Abbee’s sweet do)
  • Added a couple new colours to the character customisation & Dresser (pink & purple wahoo!)
  • Added some new decoration banners that can be placed on walls, 5 to collect in total!
  • Added the Desalinator, an alternative source of water unlocked from Skipper after 10 social bees are discovered
  • Added the Candlemaker, which lets you create candles from beeswax (finally)
  • Added the Alchemy Bench, sold by Sto it let’s you create different types of incense based on different combinations of items – there’s 11 to discover!
  • Added the Incense Burner, sold by Sto it lets you burn the various incenses, each with their own unique effect
  • Added new ambient background noise for other biomes for both day and night!
  • Added 16 new achievements!
  • Added some secret things to discover!
  • Added a new accessibility option to remove RNG from butterfly spawns (so only conditions need to be correct, does not affect completion/achievements)
  • Added a new accessibility option to remove RNG from solitary bee spawns (again so only conditions need to be correct, does not affect completion/achievements)
  • Added a new accessibility option to remove all “buzzing” sounds from hives / lone bees
  • Added a new accessibility option to override the recommended zoom level (use at your own risk, you’ll get overlap/cutoff of menus if you use a zoom level higher than your screen can fit
  • Dialogue system has been overhauled – instead of having them only show the latest “trigger”, they now show all triggers along with a prompt for each one. There’s probably a lot of dialogue you missed, plus new dialogue to enjoy!
  • NPC shops have been changed, with some NPCs having entirely new stock (notably Abbee!).
  • NPC shops now have two special slots so it’s easier to get the special you want.
  • You can now pick up flowers when using tools rather than need to change to a non-tool item to interact with them
  • You can now place flowers onto shrub walls for decoration (note: they do not function as flowers for butterfly/bee purposes)
  • You can now use shrub saplings in the Squeezer
  • You can now create deep water by using a Honeycore Shovel on a shallow water tile
  • You can now dye natural beehives in the Dye Station, allowing you to get the rarer coloured natural hives you find in the wild.
  • You can now hammer the smaller honeycore crystals with a Honeycore Hammer to pick them up and move them
  • Shrub walls now change appearance based on the biome they are used in (both the 2 existing shrub walls and the new one)
  • General menu drawing optimisation to reduce texture page sizes + reduce texture swaps which should buff performance on slower devices
  • Improved current highlighted object with an arrow symbol above it
  • Made the “target” menu a little bit clearer with an arrow symbol above it
  • Magazine rack now changes appearance based on how many magazines are in it
  • Changed overall progress level to account for new content, max is now 105% (sorry Cornflower!!! <3)
  • Every 5th noticeboard quest completion now gives you a decorative plushie for that NPC! There’s 11 to collect, some found in other places! :D
  • Composter now also produces the new “flora” items of the biome it’s in, along with grass as normal (you can also get flora from shrubs)
  • Lights now use candles (new item) to craft instead of just beeswax!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed painted walls not showing their windows
  • Fixed in-game controls remapping keys not being selectable the first time it’s opened
  • Fixed treetop produce arrow not having a highlight
  • Fixed treetop menu not visibly selecting after being placed until you move for the first time
  • Fixed snow infinitely creating snowballs when using a spade
  • Fixed the healthbar of big rocks being off-centre (yes someone reported that)
  • Fixed the Chaotic Bee not correctly showing as being calmed by it’s flowers in the flower book
  • Fixed flower icon tooltips in the overview chapter of the flower book
  • Fixed menus getting deactivating if their top-left corner went offscreen on the left or top
  • Fixed not being able to separately hammer windows + walls (originally would hammer both together)
  • Fixed some buttons not showing highlights when invalid (like the workbench craft button)

How to download updates for Apico for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Apico, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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