Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – More details about the next major update (Fortune Cookies, Memories)

A few days ago, Nintendo shared some early details about the next major Software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (check out this post if you haven’t already!). And today, some more details were revealed, focusing on two major features to be introduced with this update: Fortune Cookies, and Memories.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Fortune Cookies

First: Fortune Cookies. A Fortune Cookie Shop will open in Market Place after the update has been released, and will allow you to purchase some of those famous cookies.

But unlike those in real life, the Fortune Cookies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp don’t have a fortune inside… but a random piece of furniture or clothing instead (yup, those are really special cookies!). What you find inside is based on the type of cookie, and the rarity of the items you can get depends on the number of ☆ they have.

You can use either Bells or Leaf Tickets to get Fortune Cookies, but some of them can only be obtained using Leaf Tickets (most likely the rarest types). The Fortune Cookie Shop will have a variety of cookies available for purchase, and those will be switched out every once in a while. If you’re not sure what type of cookie to get, you can actually check which items are in each type, as well as their odds of appearing, before buying anything! 

Also, it looks like your Animal friends will sometime give you some cookies, too.

But wait, there’s more to Fortune Cookies than that! As mentioned above, you can buy Fortune Cookies using either Bells or Leaf Tickets. If you buy one using Leaf Tickets, you will earn one stamp. Once you have 10 of those, you get a stamp card.

Once you have several of them, you can trade them for a variety of items, including some that you normally can get only from Fortune Cookies! Naturally, the number of stamp cards you need for each item varies, but keep in mind that the availability period isn’t the same for all of them. Make sure to check out the item you’re interested in is still available before trying to get stamp cards for it!

Here’s some of the fortune cookies you will be able to get with Leaf Tickets (more to be revealed at a later date):

  • Marshal’s pastry cookie

You can get cool pastry-shop items that are perfect for spring. It’s the perfect time to open your own café!

  • Rosie’s pop-star cookie (includes the yellow pop-star stage, that unlocks a special Memory starring Rosie, Francine, and Chrissy)

You can get pop-star items to reproduce a live stage performance. The campsite’s pop stars can take to the stage!

  • Filbert’s rocket cookie (includes the rocket launchpad, that unlocks a special Memory starring Filbert and Kid Cat)

You can get space-faring items overflowing with the adventurous spirit. Change into the space outfit to feel like an astronaut!

NB: these cookies can also sometimes be bought using Bells instead of Leaf Tickets. It’s highly recommended to check out the Fortune Cookie Shop regularly to avoid missing any such “deals”!
NB2: you can vote for your favourite Fortune Cookie from among those 3. Check out this post for more details!

Finally, some additional details about the cookies: the items found inside cookies are awarded randomly, based on a fixed percentage that you can actually check beforehand.

Also, the types of cookies available at the shop are selected randomly, with the selection changing every day. Cookies on rotation can be bought using Bells, but there’s a catch: you can only buy a set number of Fortune ookies using Bells each day. On the other hands, there’s no restriction on the number of Fortune Cookies you can get using Leaf Tickets.


Next: more details about the mysterious “Memories” mentioned a few days ago. Following the release of the Software update, you will be able to get special furniture, with associated memories. Those allow you to see special memories starring the animals, but you first need to acquire them, and then fulfill other requirements (such as having the necessary animals to visit, for example).

Finally, here’s some pictures showcasing the Fortune Cookies and Memories:

Source: Nintendo / Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp



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