Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Additional details (Seasonal Events, Presents, more), screenshots

Nintendo have shared some additional details about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, starting with some about the Seasonal Events. The first one celebrates Bunny Day, and it runs from April 1st to April 12th. In order to take part, you will need to wait until April 1st (no changing the time on your console to cheat!), and download the Ver. 1.1.0a update that will be released on that day. You do need an internet connection when the event starts, but after that, you can go back to playing offline.

The Ver. 1.1.0 update released today adds the following features for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers:

  • adds option to visit the island of other players via the internet
  • enables integration of the NookLink features (NookLink is a service for the Nintendo Switch Online app on smart devices). The service will launch on March 19th at 9PM PT / March 20th at 12AM ET / 4AM GMT / 5AM CET / 1PM JST.

Of course, the update also includes various bug fixes and improvements. And that’s not all: you also get an in-game Nintendo Switch as present for downloading the update! Of course, you need to have built your tent and be able to check out the post before you can receive it.

By the way, if you play with the special Joy-Cons from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons special model/bundle, you will also get the Animal Crossing: New Horizons furniture too! But don’t worry if you don’t have them: you can still order this (and the regular Nintendo Switch furniture) via regular gameplay.

Finally, there’s a special offer for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers: they will be able to trade their Nook Miles for a Nook Inc. Square Rug!

Also, Nintendo Dream have announced the release of the official Guidebook for April 28th in Japan. It will include a full strategy guide, but also a complete catalog of all the items, pieces of furniture, and more. It also includes details about each one of the islanders (including how to get along with them), the various flowers, the scoring at the Happy Home Academy, and more.

Finally, here’s tons of screenshots for the game, courtesy of 4Gamer:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) comes out on March 20th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo Dream / 4Gamer



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