The Alliance Alive: release date and character trailers

Over the past couple of weeks, Atlus shared various details and videos for The Alliance Alive, starting with the release date: March 27th. The release is simultaneous in Europe and North America, because it will be available only via the Nintendo eShop in the former. The price has been set to 39.99€ / $39.99.

Next, on to the character trailers. Here’s one introducing a couple of Daemons and Beastfolk:

  • Barbarosa: he used to be an instrument of war, used by Daemons to enslave humanity. Now, he’s a key member of the Night Ravents, a resistance group. He knows how to handle an axe, and he’s pretty loyal to his friends;
  • Vivan: a fox-like Daemon from another world, who simply wants to learn more about humans. She’s a pretty compassionate person, bearing no ill-will towards other species, but she also happens to be an extremely powerful sorceress. Fortunately, she always uses her powers for good, not evil;
  • Ignace: Vivian’s servant, who has unwavering loyalty to her. He really doesn’t get on well with non-Daemons, and frequently clashes with other party members.

The second character trailer (technically, the third one!) introduces three more characters:

  • Gene: a signimancer (a mage that uses artifacts to wield magic) belonging to the Signimancy Guild, who always look at the big picture, and avoid acting emotionally. His knowledge and eloquence is valued by the Daemons;
  • Rachel: a mercenary employed by the Signimancy Guild. She’s the complete opposite of Gene: fiery temperament, impulsive… She often argues with Gene because of their contrasting viewpoints, especially on Daemons. Fortunately, the pair always set their views aside to fight for the cause;
  • Tiggy: a young girl researching the Dark Current, who calls herself the Genius Professor. She’s created various strange inventions who look like silly animals, but are actually pretty effective against monsters.

Looking for even more details about The Alliance Alive? Then the official website is definitely worth checking out!

The Alliance Alive (3DS) comes out on March 27th in Europe and North America.



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