Team Kirby Clash Deluxe: list of all the passwords (all regions)

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

In this post, you will find the complete list of passwords for Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, a Free 2 Start game available on the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo 3DS. Those allow you to get some extra Apple Gems for the most part, though there’s a special password that also nets you some fragments.

A few things to note about the passwords below: they are region-locked, meaning the Japanese passwords don’t work in the European and North American versions, and vice-versa (Europe and North America share the same region technically, since the passwords are in the “main language” of each region, such as Japanese in Japan for example). Also, you need to be connected to the internet in order to use those passwords.

The passwords come from various sources: the Team Kirby Clash Deluxe official website, message from HAL Laboratory on Miiverse, various promotional events (in Japan), and more. Naturally, we will try to keep this post updated as long as possible: if you see a missing password (or one that’s not working properly), make sure to let us know!

Latest passwords (June 4th)

  • [Europe, North America] KIRBY (5 Gem Apples, and 1 Rare Fragment) (until June 4th)
  • [Japan] にじゅうろくしゅうねん (5 Gem Apples, and 1 Rare Fragment) (until June 4th)

Europe / North America

  • [Europe, North America] KIRBYBIRTHDAY (10 Gem Apples and 5 of each Normal Fragments) [No longer active]
  • [Europe] APPLEJUICE [No longer active]
  • [Europe] SWEETGEMZ [No longer active]
  • [Europe] HUNGRYKIRBY [No longer active]
  • [Europe] RAREPRIZE (Rare Fragments) [No longer active]
  • [Europe] BLOWOUTBLAST (5 Gem Apples) [No longer active]
  • [Europe, North America] anniversary (50 Gem Apples and 5 Rare Fragments)
  • [Europe, North America] KIRBY (5 Gem Apples, and 1 Rare Fragment) (until July 4th)


  1. てんしゅマホロア (5 Gem Apples)
  2. メールでハンターズ (3 Gem Apples)
  3. カービィコンサート (10 Gem Apples)
  4. ローソンでカービィ (5 Gem Apples)
  5. ハッピーバースデーカービィ (10 Gem Apples and 5 of each Normal Fragments)
  6. ヤマシロヤでカービィ (5 Gem Apples)
  7. カービィプププトレイン (5 Gem Apples)
  8. カービィのペイントびより (5 Gem Apples)
  9. ハンターズプレイありがとう (3 Gem Apples)
  10. キノピオくんのピンチ (3 Gem Apples)
  11. ネコマリオとカービィ (5 Gem Apples)
  12. カービィハンターズだゼット (5 Gem Apples)
  13. サポートするマホロア (5 Gem Apples)
  14. たびびとマホロア (5 Gem Apples)
  15. まんぷくプププ
  16.  まんまるにっき
  17. ニンドリインタビュー
  18. ネコマリオとハンターズ
  19.  ハルけんブログ
  20. そうびをかおう
  21. そうびもステキなマホロア (5 Gem Apples, and 1 Rare Fragment)
  22. キャラぱふぇ
  23. ふぁみつうのリンゴ
  24. でんげき
  25. よわいぞグランワドルディ
  26. ファミツウでカケラゲット
  27. そうびもステキなマホロア
  28. プププトレインやねん
  29. なにわのカービィコンサート
  30. クラッコせんせいのしれん
  31. すいこみだいさくせんはつばい
  32. マホロアにかんじゃ
  33. マホロアせんぱい
  34. びじんてんしゅスージー (5 Gem Apples)
  35. マグマにかえるヴォルゲロム (until December 1st)
  36. キミのフレンズマホロア (10 Gem Apples, 1 Rare Fragment)
  37. カービィ バトルデラックス (until January 1st)
  38. ことしもカービおよろしく (Gem Apples)
  39. フランキッスよりびじんなスージー (Gem Apples) (until March 1st)
  40. ズラきわくのタランザ (until April 1st)
  41. [Japan] やみのかがみがつくったひげき (until May 1st)
  42. いっしゅうねんありがとう (50 Gem Apples, and 5 Rare Fragments) (until May 16th)
  43. [Japan] にじゅうろくしゅうねん (5 Gem Apples, and 1 Rare Fragment) (until July 4th)

Source: Nintendo (1 / 2 / 3) / GBATemp

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