Super Mario Run: Rally Tickets to be available via My Nintendo

Last month, Nintendo shared various details for Super Mario Run via the game’s official website (click here to read more about that). They explained that unlike World Tour (the game’s “main mode”), Toad Rally (the competitive mode, where you compete against other players) would require Rally Tickets to be played.

How to get tickets? Well, there are several ways (and not a single one involves using real money!):

  • clearing worlds in World Tour
  • via bonus games in your kingdom
  • and more

And just like you can get Miitomo Drop tickets via My Nintendo, you will be also be able to get Rally Tickets via Nintendo’s membership service. This is revealed/confirmed via the promotional video for Miitomo uploaded on the Nintendo eShop in Europe, that you can find below. It shows two Super Mario Run-related rewards: 5 Rally Tickets, and one featuring Toad (to unlock the character in-game).

The promo video also confirms that Super Mario Run will get dedicated Coins (just like Miitomo). Naturally, that means there will be several Super Mario Run missions (just like for Miitomo), but also other rewards than those mentioned just above (probably exclusive elements for Kingdom Builder).

Here’s the promotional video for My Nintendo, where we can see the Super Mario Run coins and rewards:

Super Mario Run (iOS) comes out on December 15th, worldwide. The Android version will follow at a later date.

A big thanks to Joe Merrick for the recording.



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