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Splatoon: full track list and recording video for the soundtrack, results of the 5th Splatfest (JP), more


SplatuneLast month, Famitsu magazine revealed that the Splatoon original soundtrack would be released on October 21st in Japan. Called Splatune, the album will include 61 tracks, with music from the Single Player and the Multiplayer, but also the menus and more… Even the tracks for the Ver. 2.0 update are included!

Here’s the full tracklist:


01. Opening / Squid Squad
02. Splattack! (Jam Session) / Squid Squad
03. Splattack! / Squid Squad
04. Ink or Sink / Squid Squad
05. Seaskape / Squid Squad
06. Kraken Up / Squid Squad
07. Metalopod / Squid Squad
08. Now or Never! / Squid Squad
09. Battle Win – Jingle
10. Battle Win – Results
11. Battle Loss – Jingle
12. Battle Loss – Results
13. Friend List / ABXY
14. Quick Start / ABXY
15. Hooked / Hightide Era
16. Sucker Punch / Hightide Era
17. Character editor
18. Inkopolis – First time entering the city
19. Inkopolis – Tutorial
20. Plaza
21. Lobby
22. Ika Jamaica / Cala Marley
23. Lookin’ Fresh / DJ Lee F.
24. Inkopolis News
25. Splatfest – Theme announcement


01. Inkopolis Sinker / Squid Sisters
02. Splatfest match Opening / Squid Sisters
03. Kimi iro ni Somete / Squid Sisters
04. Ima・Nuraneba! / Squid Sisters
05. Splatfest – Final results announcement
06. Reward Jingle
07. Cap’n Cuttlefish Theme
08. Octo Valley
09. Eight-Legged Advance / OCTOTOOL
10. Tentacular Circus / OCTOTOOL
11. Cephaloparade / OCTOTOOL
12. Tornado Shuffle / OCTOTOOL
13. Tacozones Rendezvous / OCTOTOOL
14. Octoweaponry / OCTOTOOL
15. Hero Mode – To be continued!
16. Hero Mode – Miss!!
17. Sunken Scroll
18. I  am Octavio / DJ Octavio
19. Squid Sisters Song / Squid Sisters
20. Maritime Memory / Squid Sisters
21. SE:Lurking in Ink
22. SE:Jumping into the Ink
23. SE:Swimming in Ink
24. SE:Splattershot
25. SE:Splat Charger
26. SE:Splat Bomb
27. SE:Quick Super Jump
28. SE:Killer Wail
29. SE:Inkstrike
30. SE:Voice (Girl) – Happy
31. SE:Voice (Girl) – Sad
32. SE:Voice (Boy) – Happy
33. SE:Voice (Boy) – Sad
34. SE:Voice (Squid Sisters) – Stay Fresh!
35. Ganso Seichou Shiokara-bushi (Lit: Original Traditional Tune Salted Fish Melody)
36. Splattack!(2014 E3PV)

Here’s a video of the recording for the soundtrack:

Source: Famitsu
Thanks Cheesemeister for the translation of the name of track #35!

Head after the break for more Splatoon news: results of the 5th Splatfest in Japan, and the first local tournament for the Splatoon Koshien 2016!


The 5th Splatfest for Japan took place this week-end in Japan. The theme was Boke vs Tsukkomi (click here for more details), and it’s team Tsukkomi who won!

Splatfest JP 5 resultsThe 6th Splatfest for Japan will most likely take place on October 6th.

Source: Nintendo

Splatoon Koshien 2016

This week-end, the first local tournament for the Splatoon Koshien 2016 took place in Fkuoka, and it’s team .Regen who won. Here’s some pictures of the event, and the special truck the matches were played in (it will be used for all the other local tournaments throughout Japan):

Source: Splatoon


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