PokéNews (Feb. 10): Pokémon Sun and Moon / Charizard distribution (Japan)

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Today’s Pokémon news: details on the glitch impacting Friendly Competitions in Pokémon Sun and Moon, but also…

  • Charizard distribution
  • Ditto plushies/keyrings
  • Laplas plushie
  • Pokémon GO

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Last month, a new feature for Pokémon Sun and Moon went live: the Friendly Competitions. It allows you to create your very own tournaments, that you can customise at will (click here for more details).

Unfortunately, it looks like a glitch ais ruining the fun of some players. Basically, when a player scans the QR Code for a Friendly Competition before it’s even begun, they may end up banned from the competition altogether. Unfortunately, the cause of this glitch is unknown at the moment, but The Pokémon Company confirmed developers were already working on finding both the cause and a solution.

In the mean time, players are advised to avoid scanning the QR Code of a Friendly Competition before it’s begun.

Speaking of Pokémon Sun and Moon, here’s the preview for the next episode of the anime series, airing on January 23rd on TV Tokyo:


Source: The Pokémon Company
Via: Serebii

Charizard distribution

In a past issue, CoroCoro magazine held a poll in order to determine which Pokémon would be distributed via Serial Code in an upcoming issue. And the Pokémon that won is… Charizard! Unfortunately, no other details are provided (such as any special features, moves, etc.), just that it will be distributed via Serial Code in the next issue (releasing on March 15th).

Here’s the scans from CoroCoro magazine:

The list of Pokémon distributions for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been updated!

Source: CoroCoro
Via: Serebii

Ditto plushies/keyrings

Remember the Ditto plushies/keyrings released in Japan a few months ago? Well, they’re now available in the United States, via the Pokémon-Center website!

Laplas plushie

Here’s pictures of the giant Laplas plushie, releasing in July in Japan (with pre-orders running from February 16th to April 2nd):

Source: Pokémon-Center Online

Pokémon GO

Today, it was announced that Ito En had become the latest sponsor for Pokémon GO in Japan: the 1 800 vending machines operated by the company are to become PokéStops and Gyms (same for the 200 affiliate Tully’s Coffee shops).

Source: 4Gamer



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