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Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud launching in Spring in Japan, additional details

Last month, during an event, SEGA shared some additional details about Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud, the Nintendo Switch version of the game (originally announced during the latest global Nintendo Direct presentation in September). As the name implies, it runs from the cloud, instead of the console itself, which only displays the video feed from the cloud server and sends the player’s input data to it.

To play, players will need to download the client from the Nintendo eShop: it requires several dozens MB (exact file size isn’t known yet). One of the advantages of the game running off the cloud is that players will not need to download any update: they will always have the latest version of the game running. That means they will not have to wait for any additional content either!

Due to the game relying on the cloud, the framerate is capped at 30fps (60fps would require much more bandwidth), and of course, a stable internet connection is required at all times… though that last bit already applies to the vanilla version of the game (it’s an online game after all). There’s also lag to take into account, and that’s pretty much an unavoidable aspect of cloud gaming (even if you have a top-tier internet connection).

According to SEGA, the graphics quality of Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud corresponds to the equivalent of settings 5 to 6 in the PC version of the game.

Just like the other versions of the game, Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud will be a Free 2 Start game, with the usual micro-transactions (with items to purchase). There will be cross-platform play, but only with players on PC. You will be able to use the same play data on several platforms, as long as you use a SEGA ID and don’t ty to log in with the same ID at the same time.

Regarding items only available on certain platforms, they will be displayed just fine in Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud, though of course, you will not be able to acquire them (unless you play on that platform). There are some exceptions, though, such as specific collaboration items.

Finally, here’s some screenshots for the game:

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud (Switch – eShop) comes out this Spring in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer / Nintendo


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