Nintendo Switch: various accessories from Hori leaked

Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed, back in October, many players speculated that it would be a godsend for accessory manufacturers. And it turns out they were right! In the past few days, several manufacturers revealed their own accessories (including Snakebyte or Hyperkin), but there’s still a lot more to come.

Yesterday, various Nintendo Switch accessories from Hori were revealed… albeit not officially. Indeed, some confidential documents managed to find their way to the internet, allowing us to see what the popular manufacturer has in store for Nintendo’s new console.

Here’s the accessories Hori will release:

  • Joy-con Multi-charger (29.99€): allows you to charge 4 Joy-cons at once, connects to the dock;
  • Accessory kit (9.99€): includes 4 joystick grips, and 4 triggers;
  • Compact Playstand (12.99€): allows you to play while charging the main unit. You can set the angle to your liking, and the whole thing can be folded for transport. You can also use the Joy-cons with it);
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Skin Set ($9.99): includes skins for the main unit, the dock, and the Joycons;
  • Screen protector Premium (16.99€)
  • Screen protector (9.99€)
  • Real Arcade Pro SW (149.99€): arcade controller (wired);
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Cover (24.99€): cover for the main unit;
  • Snap & Go cover (19.99€)
  • Game carts holder (9.99€): allows you to store up to 24 Nintendo Switch game carts;
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Game carts holder (9.99€): allows you to store up to 24 Nintendo Switch game carts;
  • Hori pad (29.99€): a Nintendo Switch pro controller (wired);
  • LAN Adaptor (29.99€)
  • Vehicle Power Adapter (19.99€)
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Set (29.99€): includes a pouch, game cart holder (up to 6 game carts), a microfiber cleaning cloth, 1 screen protector, 2 Joy-con covers;
  • Black hard pouch (17.99€): can also store 4 game carts;
  • Starter set (29.99€): contents not yet set in store, but should include a pouch, a game cart holder, 2 Joy-con covers, and 1 screen protector.

Here’s some pictures for those accessories, courtesy of DroidXAce:

The Nintendo Switch will be released in March, worldwide.

Via: yoonshik (NeoGAF)



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