Nintendo Switch: comments from various publishers (Square-Enix, Bandai-Namco, Take-2, Marvelous, more)

In the past few days, various publishers around the world have had their usual meetings with investors, following the presentation of their latest financial results. Many of them made comments about the Nintendo Switch, about the performance of games they’ve released on the platforms, and upcoming projects for it.


During its meeting, Square-Enix explained that since the architecture of all 3 main platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch) have gotten very similar, they could simply make a base version and then make fine adjustments for each platforms. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s a “Port Button” one only needs to press to make a game for multiple platforms, but it’s certainly much quicker and painless than in the past.

Regarding the Nintendo Switch specifically, Square-Enix didn’t miss the fact the console is pretty popular all around the world, with strong momentum. Square-Enix is actually quite grateful for that, since that means the Nintendo Switch is a viable venue for their content.

They also pointed out that the console was in a unique position compared to the competition (most likely in reference to the fact that it’s an hybrid, attracting a wide range of players).

They feel that the Nintendo Switch could lead to the comeback of middle-range games, as opposed to the high-end and low-ends extremes. They also mention possibilities for multiplatform development, and the fact they have “high expectations” for the console. As such, they are putting in the investment and developing for the platform.

As for what kind of Square-Enix games we could see on Nintendo Switch, all options are on the table: new IP, existing IP, returning IPs, etc. In other words, any kind of games could be released on the platform.

Source: Square-Enix
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According to Mitsuaki Taguchi (President of the company), Bandai-Namco is now adding more resources in developing games for the Nintendo Switch, with more games planned for the next Fiscal Year (from April 1st). The company specifically mentioned 3 exclusives games, that are said to be “big” (so not just a collection of old arcade games, for example), and that should be released around Spring/Summer 2018

So far, Bandai-Namco has released 3 games on the platform, and all of them are doing well at the moment. But the problem is, they didn’t think that it would be accepted this Fast, which explains the lack of major / non-ported games from the publisher.

Speaking of Bandai-Namco, it’s been revealed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse has already sold over 400 000 units worldwide, with 300 000 for the first half of the current Fiscal Year (effectively, September only).

Source: Bandai-Namco
Via: Takashi Mochizuki / Takashi Mochizuki / Takashi Mochizuki


During the meeting with investors, Take-Two explained that they were ‘very pleased’ with the performance of NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch… without providing any number. They’re anticipating “continued strong demand” heading into the holiday season… but that’s for all platforms, not just the Nintendo Switch.

Regarding Rockstar Games on the platform, they pointed out that the installed base for the Nintendo Switch has grown rapidly, that’s it’s “potentially an exciting platform”, and that they’re “supportive of the platform corporately”… no announcement, though!

Source: Take-Two
Via: Seeking-Alpha


During the Q&A session of the latest meeting with investors, Marvelous explained that they are actively developing for the Nintendo Switch, with both new games and ports in the works. Unfortunately, they didn’t say what they were working on exactly…

Source: Marvelous


Thanks to the latest financial results of the company, we know that the Nintendo Switch accounted for 19% of total sales for Ubisoft in Q2 of the current Fiscal Year (July to September). This is most definitely due to the strong performance of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, as the Nintendo Switch only account for 12% of sales for the current Fiscal Year.

Source: Ubisoft



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