Monster Hunter Stories: second major update announced (Ver. 1.3), out this Winter in Japan

Back in July, Capcom released a major update for Monster Hunter Stories, that brought the game to Ver. 1.2. And today, on the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2017, the company announced that a second major update would be released this Winter in Japan. It will add new Monsties to battle, new customisation options for your character, and more.

First, the Tower (the special “dungeon” you can access after beating the main story, that consists of a 50 level tower) will get a new section, where you will be able to challenge the Black Riders from Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On (the anime series). Be careful: their Monsties are said to be extremely powerful, and make for challenging foes!

The 4 Black Riders are:

  • Mad (riding a special Khezu)
  • Shadow (riding a special Nargacuga)
  • Gale (riding a special Rathalos)
  • Lars

Right now, it’s not clear whether you will be able to get those special Monsties or if they’re only there for you to battle them.

The update will also add new parts for the character editor, allowing you to re-create the new characters from the anime series. You will also be able to keep more Monsties, though Capcom doesn’t specifies how many exactly.

Another addition is the Battle Arena, which is found in Albarax (after it’s been rebuilt). There, you can take part in intense battles with NPC, in various modes. Unfortunately, we don’t know what those modes are yet!

Here’s a trailer and some pictures for Ver. 1.3 of Monster Hunter Stories:

Unfortunately, we don’t exactly when this update will be released, just that it will be this Winter (this year, not Early 2018). Also, we don’t know when this update will be released in Europe and North America, as we’re still waiting for Ver. 1.2. More details will be posted to the Monster Hunter Stories update page when available!

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