Fire Emblem Heroes: even more details about Ver. 1.2.0 (Hero Merit, Sacred Seals, more)

Earlier today, Nintendo released the next major update for Fire Emblem Heroes, bringing it to Ver. 1.2.0: make sure to check out the update page for all the details about the update (including patchnotes, file size, and more).

In a in-game notification, the developers shared even more details about the update, providing some clarifications about how some of the new features work. Let’s start with Hero Merit: as mentioned previously, it’s something you earn in battle. You get 500 Hero Feathers every time a given character saves 500 Hero Merit: simply tap them on the Home Menu to get the Hero Feathers from them.

It was originally announced that duplicate Heroes shared Hero Merit (with HM pooled if they fight in the same battle), which did sound good on paper… but there’s actually a catch. Indeed, the reason duplicate Heroes share their Hero Merit in the first place is because each Hero can earn a maximum of 2 000 Hero Merit / Hero Feathers.

In other words, you cannot grind Hero Feathers with the same Heroes: you will have to use different Heroes (which ultimately limit the amount of grinding you can do).

If you want to see how much HM a given character has collected, you can check their status screen. By the way, the stronger the Hero and the Harder the battles, the more HM a Hero will earn.

Next: swapping positions at the start of battle. As mentioned previously, you’re free to do so as many times as you want, as long as you don’t complete the first action. The developers also added a neat little feature, that automatically brings up position swapping when you start a battle. You can activate it by going to Settings > Starting a Map > Swap Spaces.

The next feature is a new one that was previously teased but never properly revealed: the Sacred Seals, which are equippable items (select Allies > Equip Seals. They go in Skill Slot S). You get them from Special Quests.

To the surprise of no one, there is a major restriction regarding Sacred Seals: you can only have one of the same, and any duplicate will be converted to Hero Feathers (33 to be precise). In other words, you have to think carefully about which seal to give to which Hero! The developers mention that additional Sacred Seals will be added gradually.

But that’s not all: the developers also added a “Complete Purchase” button to the title screen menu, and the Shop menu. That way, if your Orb purchase was interrupted due to a communication error, you will be able to resume it.

The notification also mentions other features that were previously detailed, so we’re just going to quote what we wrote about them:

  • Inherite Skill and Merge Allies:

Following the update, it will be possible to inherit skills that were previously inherited when using Merge Allies. Here’s an example: if you take a Marth that inherited the Special Skill “Sol”, and use it as the source character for Merge Allies, then the Target Marth will also end up with Sol. If you try to do this right now, you will lose that precious skill.

  • Arena

As for the Arena, the update will change the way Arena scores are handled, along with the matchmaking conditions. About the latter, players will no longer be matched based on the total base stats of their characters. Instead, matchmaking will be based on the combination of the following 4 values:

  • Character levels and * rating;
  • Number of bonuses gained by using Merge Allies;
  • Total base stats after removing the effects from all skills, including Weapon Skills;
  • Equipped skills.

According to the developers, this will help ensure you’re matched with players of a similiar level, but it will also have a surprising side-effect… it will also slightly increase the score you can obtain on all difficulty settings!

Finally, the Arena is getting one last change: you will be able to tap on a Bonus Hero, in order to get a description of that character… Pretty handy if you’re not sure who’s who!

  • Notifications: they are now displayed at launch only once a day (you can still access them from the notice board at any time)
  • EXP adjustements:

The developers are also making some adjustements regarding the amount of XP you get in battle. This change only applies to ★1 to ★4 Heroes, and you will soon understand why. Basically, Heroes will be able to get more XP when defeating enemies of a lower level than themselves.

But there’s a catch: the higher the rank of the Hero, the lower the amount of XP gained that way. Or you could see that the other way around: the lower the rank of the Hero, the more XP they will gain by defeating enemies of a lower level. This should definitely help with the training of new Heroes, especially those obtained via the regular Hero Battles!

  • Maximum stamina increased to 99 (with Stamina Potion restoring 99 stamina points now, instead of 50)

Finally, some bad news: the Defensive Battle and Reinforcemets maps will be added in the second half of April.

That’s it for the Ver. 1.2.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes. Make sure to check out this page for all the events and content updates for the game!

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