Yo-kai Watch to promote Hawaii tourism with short anime

Last year, Yo-Kai Watch took Japan by storm, and the franchise just keeps on getting more and more propular. The series should arrive in the West this year, but before that, it’s made a short stop in Hawaii. Last Friday, Hawaii Tourism Japan announced a special collaboration with Level-5’s franchise, in order to promote tourism in Hawaii.

Called “Aloha! Yo-kai Watch Rakuen Hawaii ♪ de Geragerapo”, that promotion was launched yesterday in Japan, and will run for two whole years. Of course, the goal is to promote tourism in Hawaii to Japanese kids and their parents. Several things are scheduled for this promotion:

– a short anime episode
– Hawaii-exclusive merchandise
– a stamp rally, which allows participants to take part in a lottery (with some prizes to win if they gather 3 of the 6 stamps).

Due to that promotion, Jibanyan got to travel to Hawaii last month, met its governor (David Ige), and was even granted the title of Hawaii Tourist Bureau Kids Friendship Ambassador.

Here’s some pictures for that promotion:

Source: 4Gamer.net (via ANN)



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