WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom to be playable in English

Back in December, we learned from Famitsu magazine that althi was planning to bring WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom to the Nintendo Switch. Originally released on smart devices as Free 2 Start game, it’s a RPG / Life Simulator, where you control a character moving to a peaceful Kingdom in order to start a new life. Make sure to check out this post for more details if you haven’t already!

When the official website was launched, following the announcement in Famitsu, we found out that it had an English option, though it could not be selected. Since WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom on mobile is playable in English, this certainly made us wonder whether the Nintendo Switch version would also have an English option.

And last week, althi confirmed via the official FAQ that WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom would indeed offer an English language option at launch in Japan, alongside Japanese. Do note that it doesn’t mean it will get a European and North American release (J.B. Harold: Manhattan Requiem, from mebius, also has an English option, but isn’t available outside Japan), but it’s certainly a positive sign.

But even if there is no western release, you will still be download the game using a Nintendo Account set to Japanese (something you can already do for dozens of games). Unfortunately, since it will not be a Free 2 Play title on Nintendo Switch, you will have to get a Japanese Nintendo eShop card to add funds to your account and buy it.

WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom (Switch – eShop) comes out this Spring in Japan.

Source: official website



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