Vroom in the night sky: more details (HD rumble), screens, not launching on Friday in North America

Earlier this week, Poisoft uploaded a trailer for Vroom in the night sky, their latest game (and their first one on the Nintendo Switch). Today, the company opened the official website, providing us with some additional details about it.

Let’s start with important ones, such as the price! In Japan, the game will cost 1 000 Yen (as announced earlier), and in Europe and North America, it will cost €8.99 / $9.99 respectively. Unfortunately, it looks like only Europe is getting the game at launch, since the website simply lists “March” for North America.

The website describes Vroom in the night sky as a “Magical Bike Action Game”. You get to play as Luna, a Magical Girl that ride on a Magical Bike, and fly around the night sky in order to collect Stardusts. Those are fragments that float in the sky, and you need to collect a certain number of them in order to open the gate (and move to the next level).

By pulling off various techniques, you can collect more Stardusts, so you will need to learn how to drive your motorbike like a pro if you want to collect as many of them as possible, and complete various challenges. But you need to be careful: rival Magical Girl will sometime appear to grab the Stardusts, and you need to shoot them down.

When you have enough Stardusts, you can use them to purchase additional Magical Bikes, with varying specs (Speed, Power, and Handle). By getting a better motorbike, you will be able to get more Stardusts.

Vroom in the night sky is one of the games that make use of the HD Rumble feature: it allows you to really feel the motorbike engine running, the wind, the impact of collisions, and more.

Finally, here’s some screenshots for the game:

Vroom in the night sky (Switch – eShop) comes out on March 3rd in Europe and Japan, and later this month in North America. The Upcoming Releases page and the Nintendo Switch launch page have both been updated!



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