Void Prison (endless twin-stick shooter) escapes to Nintendo Switch next week

SneakyBox have announced that they’re bringing Void Prison, an endless twin-stick shooter originally developed by Voidrock Studios, to the Nintendo Switch next week. It will be released on January 19th in Europe and North America, and will only cost 2.99€ / £2.69 / $2.99.

Here’s a trailer:

In this bite-size but intense game, you are placed inside a void ring, and your goal is simply to survive for as long as you can. The twist? The ring keeps on growing smaller and smaller, making survival more and more difficult. In order to defeat the endless waves of enemies, you can use various weapons and power-ups.

Here’s some more details and some screenshots:

Fans of pixel art and classic arcade games, rejoice – there is a new game in town that is making its way to Nintendo Switch! On January 19th fans of indie games will be able to enjoy the long-forgotten thrill of chasing a high score in an action-packed twin-stick shooter Void Prison. It is a fast-paced, endless arcade game that puts the player inside an ever-shrinking void ring. The player is tasked to survive by fighting emerging enemy waves using various guns and powerups that the player can pick up during the run.

Void Prison game is inspired by old-school bullet hell game formula that is easy to pick up and hard to master. The players will be able to earn multiple achievements, unlock new skins and powerups, and try to get their name on top of the worldwide leaderboards.

  • Simple yet beautiful and impactful pixel art and effects;
  • Various achievements and global leaderboards;
  • Endless arcade gameplay featuring competitive and rewarding mechanics;
  • Balanced gameplay loop that will drive players to improve with each run;
  • Unlockable skins and powerups;
  • Multiple unique enemy types.

Void Prison (Switch – eShop) comes out on January 19th in Europe and North America.

Source: SneakyBox PR (09.01.2023) / Nintendo


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