Umbraclaw: stylish 2D action game from Inti Creates launches on May 30th worldwide

Umbraclaw is a stylish 2D action game from Inti Creates in which you play as Kuon: a fearless feline trying to find the “Boundary” to the mortal world and return home. First announced last year, the game finally has a release date: May 30th!

In Japan specifically, the game will be available digitally (4 280 Yen, but also at retail with two editions: regular (5 280 Yen) and a Limited Edition bundle (9 980 Yen). The Limtied Edition includes the following:

  • an artbook featuring various design documents
  • a soundtrack album (2CDs), featuring the music of the game
  • an acrylic keyring

To celebrate the launch date announcement, Inti Creates shared a brand new trailer of the game:

Here’s some details:

Find hope in death.

Kuon has died.

Shortly after this simple house cat leaves the mortal world, she awakens in the Soulplane, realm of the dead. She must challenge the perilous underworld to return home to her owner in this 2D action adventure.

Players control Kuon as she searches for a way to open the “Boundary” to the mortal world and return home. The dangerous terrain and frightful fiends of the Soulplane present a near impossible challenge for a mere house cat. Any single hit to the tiny feline means instant death. However, it also means a new chance—Kuon has the power of “Anima Revive” to revive her with a new skill, once again challenging the trials that await her.

Kuon’s story can meet a multitude of endings depending on her and the player’s actions and choices. Her struggles to break the cycle of life and death may even touch your very soul.

And finally, here’s some screenshots and character artworks:

Update 1: here’s some more pictures for the game!

Umbraclaw (Switch) comes out on May 30th worldwide.

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