[UK] Splatoon: the Summer of Splat starts next week

Today, Nintendo announced the Summer of Splat for Splatoon, which will start next week in the United Kingdom. First, there is the Great British Splat-Off, a series of online tournaments taking place each week-end from July 16th to  August 7th.

Here’s the three categories:

  • Squid Kid League: For younger players – Turf War game mode only
  • Inkling League: Beginner/casual players – Turf War game mode only
  • Octo League: Open to all ages and levels – More challenging featuring all game modes

If you’re interested, you can register on this page!

Now you might wondering what’s the point of those online tournaments, and the answer is simple… winning tickets for the Splatoon Fan Fest (a “live day of challenges”), taking place on August 27th at the Gfinity Arena. Each week-end, two teams from each category will win tickets for that Fan Fest, but there are other ways to get some.

The other two ways to win tickets for the Splatoon Fan Fest are:

  • cosplay contest
  • fanart contest

Each week, the 5 best entries of each category will be selected, and the winners will get get to take part in the grand finale at the Splatoon Fan Fest. To participate in any one of those, you simply need to visit the official Facebook page for Splatoon (UK).

But besides the challenges and the finale of the cosplay + fanart contests, the Splatoon Fan Fest will also have various activities, along with giveaways (rare merchandise, exclusive artwork by Seita Inoue, the Art Adirector), and a one off personalised Splat Champ winner’s jacket). Can’t attend? No problem: the event will be livestreamed on the Twitch channel of Nintendo UK.

Click here for more details about the Summer of Splat!



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