Trophy (NES action platformer) headed to Nintendo Switch this week

Trophy is a brand new action platformer game inspired by Mega Man, developed by Gradual Games and published by The 6502 Collective. It was released for the NES back in 2020, and this week, this authentic 8-bit game is making its way to the Nintendo Switch courtesy of 8Bit Legit! It will be released on February 3rd in Europe and North America, where it will cost 9.99€ / $9.99 / £8.59.

Here’s a trailer:

Trophy features 9 levels with diverse environments and terrain, hidden areas and power-ups, and some truly giant bosses (not to mention 3 swappable borders). Since the game was initially released for the NES, it’s hardly a wonder that this port is fully compatible with the Nintendo Entertainment System controller Nintendo released for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Here’s some more details and some screenshots for the game:

Trophy is a brand-new #8BitLegit action platformer that now finds its way to Nintendo Switch after success on NES cartridge and Xbox. It is a love letter to such iconic games as the Mega Man series and Capcom Disney titles, featuring colorful characters, vibrant backgrounds, and giant bosses. The game features the classic movements of running, jumping, and shooting, and strives for a pure platforming experience, unhampered by excessive power-ups or useless abilities. Although the emphasis is on purity, Trophy features advanced technical features which have rarely been used in homebrew titles.

On the far fringes of space a peaceful planet of robots is discovered by two spacefaring computer scientists, Jared Sword and Xella Quine. They befriend the inhabitants of the planet Gearus 9, and after a time Sword returns to Earth to reveal their findings. He takes with him the robot Beeper as proof of their discovery, and the mutual understanding between human and robot culture blossoms.

Meanwhile, back on Gearus 9, an isolated Quine slips gently into madness, dominating the peaceful robots, and proclaiming himself Lord Q! Incapable of violence, the robots are easy prey for his schemes and hidden desires of conquest.

When Sword and Beeper finally return to the planet, they are confronted by what Quine has become. Sword, being of frail nature, and Beeper, being unable to commit acts of violence, realize what they must do. Using the technology found on Gearus 9 they fuse into one being, part human and part machine. TROPHY is born!

  • Nine levels of intense, platforming action
  • Experience authentic retro gameplay
  • Check out 3 swappable gameplay borders on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox
  • Leaf through the original manual in-game during your attempt to save Gearus 9
  • Explore diverse environments and terrain
  • Blast your way through large, fully-scrolling levels
  • Search for hidden areas and power-ups
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Cut-scene narrative segments
  • Password system
  • Face off against nine GIANT bosses

Trophy (Switch – eShop) comes out on February 3rd in Europe and North America.

Source: 8Bit Legit / Nintendo


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