Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: more details about the Nintendo Switch version

Announced during the latest Indie World presentation in May, the Nintendo Switch version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was initially slated for a Summer release. Unfortunately, it looks like the game will be a bit late: the developers have announced that they’re now targetting an early autumn release.

Not that big of a delay, especially when you take into account the fact that Landfall Games have been hard at work to adapt the game to the Nintendo Switch (including optimizations and the likes).

In order to ensure Totally Accurate Battle Simulator runs well on Nintendo Switch, the developers made the following changes:

  • The Simulation and Legacy campaigns have been removed, but the developers are currently looking into reworking and recreating these campaigns for Nintendo Switch and to add them via a future update;
  • Some units have been removed, though again, the developers are looking into bringing them back later down the line (no promises, though);
  • The Unit Cap has been set to 20 on each side, in all game modes. Also, in campaigns, some specific units will also have a specific unit cap;
  • Crossplay: no crossplay for multiplayer at launch, and custom content can only be shared with other players on Nintendo Switch. The developers are working towards enabling download and sharing of custom content with other platforms in the future;
  • The BUG DLC will not be included;
  • Some levels have been redesigned and rebalanced (full list on this page!)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for an early Autumn release worldwide.

Source: Landfall Games


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