Torchlight III (Switch): Software updates (latest: Snow & Steam Update)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various Software updates for Torchlight III on Nintendo Switch (originally released on October 22nd 2020 in Europe and North America)!

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Torchlight III – Ver. ???

  • Release date: December 15th 2020 (North America) / December 16th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Added new winter-themed title screen art.
  • Fixed activation requirement in “Money Tree” achievement.


  • Fixed a crash related to deserializing multiple status effects.
  • Fixed a crash related to skill display garbage collection.Fixed an issue in Singleplayer that could have caused blocking loads or infinite loading screens.
  • Fixed an issue where spawning minions with class skills lowers framerate on the Switch.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs on Switch when starting multiplayer on many devices.
  • Additional improvements to improve Switch performance, including reducing out-of-memory crashes.
  • Performance improvements related to save codes to ensure less stress placed on consoles.
  • Attempt to solve an issue where some players aren’t able to equip gear, use their stash, or sell items.
  • Additional improvements for performance and saved data.
  • Fixed a number of assets that were not being properly ‘cooked’.


  • Added dropdown options in the settings menu for variations of Color Blind mode.
  • Better messaging is provided when a player times out or is disconnected for a specific reason.
  • New “Enable Custom Aspect Ratio” and “Custom Aspect Ratio” options available in Video Settings.
  • Updated the help arc ID display to account for unready linked or shadow account IDs (removed the ‘Newly Created account ID’ text that is displayed.
  • Fixed the link account tooltip is missing on the character select page.


  • New minimap icons for pet vendor, gambler, gear vendor and potion vendor.

Overlay Map

  • Overlay Map Scaling function implemented.
  • The map of the Mini-side Dungeon is displayed on the Map of the King’s Plateau location which causes the Map to be misleading.

Frontier Map

  • Fixed some issues with icons changing size when highlighted. Also fixed stretching on the fort and portal icon and turned on flag animation on the fort.

Party Play & Chat

  • Brought back a fix for this old issue where party members would grey out when out of range.
  • Addressed party invite confusion by adding more clear error messages when and why party invites fail.


  • Imported a new batch of localized text.
  • Fixed some random misspelled English words.


  • Fixed an issueBlank travel UI can be opened using the D-Pad before fort is unlocked.
  • Fixed spacing around the potion widgets when cycling through them in gamepad mode.
  • Gamepad pickup prompt is now more responsive.


  • Added a hidden area (and loading screen) with a new enemy type, quest, quest item, and boss has been added somewhere on the frontier. A new vendor and consumable item has also been added relating to this area.
  • Fixed the Soldier’s (found in passageways) swords that were appearing under the map when highlighted.
  • Updated many portions of Act 1 to make its areas more distinct. Those changes have not been detailed out here, but include new environment objects, updated level skirts, added props, etc.
  • Fixed foliage that was no longer producing SFX.
  • Added missing SFX to cellar doors.
  • Loading screens that have quest requirements now work properly


  • Fixed an issue where the player teleports to the location of the first created portal rather than the new one.


  • Fixed Hyvid Cinematic that was triggering when going into the Ancestral Grove.
  • The Echonok intro cinematic no longer sometimes fails to play in single player. 


  • Moved lore chest object in town to prevent clipping.
  • Rotated Bolten’s Chest in Echo Landing.

Fields of Unrest

  • Removed an extra chest that clipped into the environment.
  • Fixed an issue where the player may get stuck on the roof of the wooden structure on a specific seed.
  • Increased size of spawn trigger.
  • Added a chest to an area that felt sparse.
  • Added a clickable into a hollow area.
  • Added a couple of huts to an edge.
  • Fixed edges that were viewable from the outer edges of the map.

Trial of Fire

  • Moved rock down that was obstructing the player and added some mini-decorations.
  • Rotated a clickable.
  • Repainted terrain in a problem area.
  • Moved a clickable that was falling off the edge.
  • Added spike traps.
  • Fixed a seam.

Edgewood Bluff

  • Rotated Goblin Graffiti lore object.

Guarded Path

  • The warp to Hidden Falls is no longer appearing in Guarded Path. 

Firebelly Village

  • Removed an exploding barrel that was found inside another object.
  • Redressed some props.

Wideload’s Liar

  • Fixed a seam and moved some edge pieces and fixed some nav mesh.
  • Fixed a world edge seam.

Bogwood Hollow

  • Fixed an issue where the player can walk through the rocks without a collision on a specific seed.

Murky Miasma

  • Fixed an issue where there was only one area seed for the Murky Miasma location.

Acrid Plains

  • Added SFX to Lake Lord’s Beacon.

Voltura Village

  • Fixed an instance of Z-fighting.


  • Moved some blacking machinery that preventing the player from walking through the path on a specific seed.
  • Moved a chest to a more logical spot.

The Power Line

  • Added Nav Blockers to prevent unnavigable nav mesh.


  • Added a rule to insert L and S shaped rooms to prevent dead ends in Spider Cave seeds.
  • Increased the length of the “Echonok Throne” mapworks dungeon area to give more monster spawn opportunities.
  • Fixed a boss chest on a specific seed by adding a nav blocker so the player can’t run through it.
    Added some more spawners based on the recent mapworks quest updates (see below).

Challenge Dungeons

  • Fixed an issue where the player can encounter the empty space beyond the environment on a specific seed.
  • Fixed collision volume around a tree in the infested graveyard that blocked missiles.


  • Added Fort cellar that can be found near the stairs.
  • Aligned the Customize Fort prompt icon better with the button text. Also fixed location of target info widget text that was pushed down in the HUD due to the new location of the fort edit button being at the top of the screen.
  • Updated fort navmesh so that the area next to stairs can now be decorated more thoroughly.
  • Added Transmog system (including icons, VFX, SFX, tooltips) and dyes (dye icons) for new transmog system via the Style Station and added Style Station tutorial/notification.
  • Fort decorations can now be arranged vertically. They can be raised up to 10m above the ground, and lowered such that only a portion of their top is visible, but not fully underground.
  • The user interface now displays both the area name (“Trevail Passage”) and the fort name (“Bean’s Fort”), if applicable.
  • Fort props can now hide when covering up the player when the camera is zoomed in to certain UIs.
  • Changed Crafting Result Message from “Cannot buy, insufficient gold” to “Cannot buy, insufficient currency.”
  • Optimized the replication of fort stash entries to the client so that we can send larger numbers of props. This should help fix instances of forts that cannot be customized/edited.
  • Fixed an issue where the Navmesh rebuilds every time the player moves the cursor with a prop attached in Singleplayer. 


  • Added new fort decorations ( including new fort icons/VFX/SFX) found in the time-limited “Snow & Steam” Contract:
        – Snow, Snowy Square Block, Snowy Arch Block, Snowman, Dusk Mage Candyhouse (wardrobe), Igloo, Snow Candle, Festive Arch, Festive Pillar, Railmaster Candyhouse (wardrobe), Ugly Sweater Cat (pet), Trevail Point Snow Globe, Wreath, Forged Candyhouse (wardrobe), Frost Owl, Stove, McTyre’s Cove Snow Globe, Sharpshooter Candyhouse (wardrobe), Grandfather Clock, Banquet Feast, Cider Service, Holiday Tree, String Lights, Cocoa Stand, Dwarven Nutcracker, Echo Landing Snow Globe, Holiday Presents
  • Added Style Station. The Style Station is unlocked and available once you obtain your fort.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bronze Sharpshooter statue cannot be equipped with a bow.
  • Added Fazeer to his throne. He appears from his lamp when the player walks up and disappears when the player leaves.
  • Fixed targeting location of the Training Dummy by having it not be a navmesh blocker.
  • Shrunk the size of the training dummy collision so it more accurately shows missile collision with the model.
  • Added two new types of Storage which can be used to display your pets in your fort. Use the bed to display your land-based pets and the perch to display your flyers.
  • Added five Challenge Dungeon trophies (including icons) that are unlocked through progression via Fazeer’s Dun’djinn.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change the appearance of the statues from male to female and vice versa.


  • Added item bundles that will be mailed out for upcoming holidays.
  • Increased the drop chance for legendary items from champions and bosses.
  • Increased contrast of the shoulder pad icon when item slot is empty.
  • Fixed an improper message that was displayed when the player attempts to buy an item from any Vendor while not having sufficient amount of gold.
  • Increased the drop rate for legendary gear at higher levels (46+) on higher difficulties. This is a bit more of a significant change for Ridiculous difficulty than for Painful or Hard, but I did at least increase the rate a bit for those as well.
  • Fixed an issue where Act-specific Legendary armor does not drop in the endgame often enough/at all.
  • Fixed an issue where the McTyre’s Cove Gambler is missing the Random Cannon option.
  • Increased the chance that legendary items drop from Greater Item Bundles (earned from contracts) by around +50% to +100%, depending on level.
  • Changed item affix generation logic to use the same kind of logic to pick secondary affixes for legendary items as we do for other qualities, so you can have a better chance of getting improved affixes that you’d gotten on rares.
  • Changed the logic for dropping items so that instead of always preferring class-specific weapons, we weight choosing weapon types to drop equally, but weight the class-specific legendary items higher than non-class-specific legendaries.
  • Fixed an issue where diminishing returns on the defense stat can start retracting the percentage of the prevented damage.
  • Fixed an issue where traits wouldn’t update when unequipping items.


  • Added new Legendary Items (including SFX/FX, Legendarium)
        – Winterweave Armor set, The North Mace, Glacier’s Edge, Frostwall, My Lil’ General, Toymaker’s Tool
  • Added new Rare Items
        – Frostform Head, Elfin Cap
  • Updated Firestarter’s text to reflect its recent change in damage (to 80%, from 40%).
  • Fixed an issue where Firestarter’s fireballs deal 25% Weapon Damage instead of 80%.
  • Ball Lightning movement speed reduced, lifespan increased. Fixed tooltip to show damage values. Nerfed to damage to 70% WD
  • Pet collars that grant elemental damage immunity function correctly.
  • Ball Lightning (item active skill) can no longer be cast in town.
  • Fixed Arc-Powered Pants that had a duplicated affix.
  • Lost Legion active skill now displays the minions’ weapon damage on the tooltip.
  • Changed the Legendary drops that were restricted to specific regions (I.E. the Woodsbeast set in Goblin act regions) to now be restricted by level range instead, so that those items can appear anywhere in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn. Woodsbeast armor pieces can appear in any Fazeer’s Dun’djinn area, rather than just Goblin-themed ones.
  • Fixed the player receives the Frost Nova active skill instead of the Ball Lightning skill while wearing the Lightning Baller.
  • Fixed “Spindly Legs” magic quality locomotion has a legendary item map marker.
  • Fixed typo in Servo-Blade’s legendary affix description.
  • Fixed an issue with Egg of Mayhem costing 25 Relic Energy if it triggered Spinning Blade, instead of that trigger being free.
  • Fixed an issue where the Legendary Affix of Unstable War Arm has no in-game effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonus from the Legendary affix of Mountain King’s Gauntlets is not triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where Lighting Strike from Storm Driver’s Legendary affix deals incorrect damage.
  • Added missing SFX to Firestarter’s fireballs.
  • Added missing SFX to the Undead Army.
  • Raging Beater – Now generates Steam when Ramming Robot vents, just as Vortex Bomb and Coal Launch do.
  • Servo-Blade – Same overall effect, but increases Steam-Powered Uppercut’s Steam cost rather than its Heat cost.
  • Fixed an issue where the player can cast Call the Legion skill in Trevail Point or any other city.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Hand Cannon” 1H Pistol has implicit Crit Chance (as if it were a 2 hander).
  • Fixed an issue where the piercing projectile granted by Facebreaker affix may be fired vertically.


  • Fixed an issue where affixes that grant bonus levels to relic skills would grant skills from other relics.
  • Fixed an issue where affixes that grant bonus levels to relic skills didn’t always end up granting at least 1 level.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘+x to the skill level’ item affix becomes unprofitable if it exceeds the 10th level of the skill.
  • Affixes related to Heat Dissipation now go the opposite way, increasing Heat generation for skills.


  • Added a new, limited-time Snow & Steam contract (including new Contract Banner Art) with a variety of winter-themed rewards (see the Forts section above for a complete list of items).
  • Replaced the gear contract rewards:
        – 3 rare items has become 3x 1 magic or higher quality item.
        – 1 legendary item has become 1 rare or higher quality item.
        – This was due to the disproportionate amount of effort this previously put onto finding more efficient ways to grind fame to get contract rewards, as those sorts of strategies tend to be more monotonous and less interesting. This should hopefully put more of an emphasis back onto killing monsters, where it belongs, while still making these nice to have rewards.
  • Increased height of the Contract Claim Chest text area to fit 4 lines of item text.
  • Fixed an issue where Contract rewards appear empty when you open the contract screen, do not populate until you scroll.
  • The contracts page now scrolls correctly to the right reward even though it may not be fully loaded yet.
    Fixed the Inert Mapworks Icon that overflowed in the contract area.


  • “New Legendary Affix” label no longer overlaps item description.
  • Cleaned up the legendary affix description text area so it wraps correctly.


  • Reduced enchanting recipe by 10x.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Goblin Shield Bonus’ enchantment had the ‘Fire Defense’ listed twice as a possible affix.Fixed an issue where the enchanting menu was blank.


  • Disabled Halloween pets from being found in pet cages. They may reappear again in the future
  • Added 2 new pets and 3 new pet variations:
        – Ugly Sweater Cat (rare, Static Discharge): Contract
        – Frost Owl (legendary, Summon Flock): Contract
        – Red-Nosed Retriever (Legendary, random skill)
        – Reindeer (Magic, random skill)
        – Jolly Ferret (rare, random skill)
  • Added a new “Impressive Pet Cage”. This can appear in a dungeon, near the boss chest, about 10% of the time a pet cage is present. The
  • Impressive Pet Cage provides only rare or legendary pets.
  • Pets once again use Battle Cry.
  • Added five new pet skills (including new icons, VFX, and SFX): Dasher, Zoomies, Land Mines, Wet Kisses, and Assemble!
  • Added ability for pets to fetch potions. You can access this menu next to the Sell All pet button.
  • Updated new pet details UI text.
  • Fixed an issue where pets received damage over time from status effects on their owners.
  • Fixed an issue where the pet portrait greyed out when the pet returns to town or dies.
  • Fixed an issue where pets would despawn if you swapped pets while the pet was running away but not yet despawned.
  • Added glow/VFX to pet tracker HUD element to indicate pet is low on health.
  • Battlecry no longer affects pets. Instead it only affects players, which pets inherit their damage from as do minions. Which will help it only ad 25% damage instead of layering on Battle Cry’s effects.
  • Fixed a spelling error across all pet aura tooltips.
  • At 20% health, the narrator comes in saying your pet is hurt/injured/wounded.
  • Added a flash animation on the resident pet UI that should trigger on pet refresh.
  • Updated with a little Glittersprite sparkle themed flash effect.


  • Fixed cocooned Zephoras from being rescued before defeating the boss in “The Recluse” quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the Codex Impression quest item becoming unobtainable after completing the task to “Use the Dwarven Codex” and leaving the area before picking up the item for the “Knowledge is Power” quest.
  • Increased drop chance of Nether Essence for the “Bottle Block” quest.
  • Increased the progressive increase in drop rate for the “Rare Bone” quest item for “Bone Nerd”.
  • Changed all the “kill skeleton” and “get quest item from skeleton” tasks in mapworks quests to be valid for all undead, to make the drop chance less dependent upon differing mixes of monsters.
  • Fixed singleplayer/offline issue with “Tutorial: Pet Shelter” and “Tutorial: From a Humble Seed” being unable to complete when going to their forts outside of Trevail Passage.
  • All mapworks dungeons no longer have exits, instead have quests specifically tailored to each area, which drop a portal to the boss fight when you complete the quest.
  • There are 14 new mapworks quests, with a greater variety of task types.
  • Mapworks boss names appear in task texts for kill boss tasks with no boss row supplied.
  • Fixed certain non-interactable chests (“Ancient Cache”) from spawning in the Grand Hall.


  • Fazeer now appears in front of his lounge in your fort.
  • There are now Fazeer’s Dungeons based on some of our hub areas: Firebelly Village, Acrid Plains, and Machineworks.
  • Most Fazeer’s Dun’djinn checkpoints now have a greater variety of bosses: about 45 instead of 8 possible bosses, though you’ll still need to fight the big bad bosses to earn the new trophies for progressing in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn.
  • The gear that you get as you delve deeper into Fazeer’s Dun’djinn will have a Challenge Bonus applied to all affixes, so there is better level 60 endgame gear the deeper you go, and you’ll need it, as…
  • Damage from monsters increases the further you go into Fazeer’s Dun’djinn, both increasing faster per level and stopping at a higher value than before.
  • Fazeer’s Dun’djinn “set” affixes now apply to bosses, in addition to their own affixes.
  • Added two new Fazeer affixes:
        – Cranked — Lose health perpetually, but heal with each kill.
        – Monster Kill — Gain movement speed and damage with each kill, stacks up to 20 times.
  • Five Fazeer Dun’djinn Trophies are now available and are obtained when reaching level Level 39, Level 83, Level 133, Level 191, and Level 251.
  • Added new Fazeer card art.
  • Fixed a few Challenge Dungeon boss arenas that could never get pet cages.
  • Set the tuning to more reliably have a pet cage at the end of challenge dungeon boss arenas half of the time.
  • Reduced the amount of Dun’djinn tutorial dialog text.
  • Winterweave Set can now be found in Fazeer’s Dundjinn!
  • Items dropped in Fazeer’s DunDjinn now increase in power the higher your challenge level!
  • The difficulty of each challenge level is now higher, both in enemy damage and health, with health getting a much higher increase.
  • Removed Cyclone Mode from the list of skills that are disabled by Anchored in the challenge dungeon.


  • Increased the damage from legendary pack minions by 20% and doubled their hitpoints so they are around longer to be more of a threat while you’re fighting the legendary champion. Increased minions’ experience value to compensate for rise in htpoints.
  • Slightly decreased legendary champion hitpoints (about 15%) to make it more likely that you’re fighting the whole pack of them and not just left with the legendary by itself.
  • Fixed an issue where the Plaguebearer poison balls can’t be heard.
  • Raised the sound of all monsters by 2db.


  • Removed “Gundaddy” from the list of valid mapworks bosses (Phase Dungeon, Map Scroll or Fazeer’s Dun’djinn).
  • Reduced Phase Beast health by about 40% to make it easier to kill them when you’re really trying, especially at higher difficulty levels.
  • Phase Beast portals now lead to one of 59 different boss fights. As these will now be against minibosses instead of the big bosses, the phase beast fights won’t be quite as long as they were previously.
  • Phase Beasts can now spawn in the Fields of Unrest, The Chasm or Trial of Fire, in addition to the areas in which they could previously spawn.
  • The minibosses that the Phase Beasts lead you to are selected from a list of minibosses of the same element as the current act, or physical damage. This increases the phase beast dungeon variety from 1-8 (depending on area) to 28-36 different minibosses in each area.
  • Fixed an issue where some dead vespid would rotate to face their killer.
  • Inactive enemies (like Mimics) can no longer be targeted by Earthen Spikes & Electrode.
  • Fixed Soulless Warrior (i.e. Netherim Warrior summoned via the Dusk Mage’s Nether Well) erroneously attacking Echo Nodes.
  • Added goblin scream SFX to Charging Goblin Riders.
  • Fixed Explosive End Champion Affix that had no audio when it explodes at the end (and during).


  • Fixed an issue where Brall would stubbornly pursue players trying to get into melee range. She’ll give up after a short amount of time and go back to her usual skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Grixl the Ravenous is spawned under the boss area.


  • Fixed Giant Swings (Flaming Destroyer), Blades for Cutting (Blood Drinker), Large Bores (Coldheart), and Shocking Force (Electrode) incorrectly displaying the passive relic skill for Staffing Up (Bane).
  • Fixed the Coldheart and Blooddrinker icons that were squished in the player HUD.
    Review and added SFX for Relic procs.

Blood Drinker

  • The tier 3 bonus effect of the ‘Drain’ relic active skill deals incorrect damage.

Flaming Destroyer

  • Fixed an issue where the fireballs summoned by the Firestorm skill are always dealing 40% weapon damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Cloak of Flames’ Evasion was not applying.


  • Fixed an issue where the shock bolts from the Conjure Electrode skill deal 70% of weapon damage, regardless of how many points are added to that skill.
  • Reduced the Busy-ness of Chaotic Strike bolts to read more cleanly in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage values for the Localized Storm skill are not representing the real damage values done in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the lightning bolts from the Shocking Force passive skill always deal 400% of weapon damage, regardless of how many points are added to that skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Strike passive skill deals 125% weapon damage, which is inconsistent with the skill’s description.


  • Fixed an issue where standing close to large monsters causes all of the icicles to damage the monster while using ‘Ice Shield’.
  • Adjusted text for Snowstorm tier 3 milestone to reflect that critical hit chance vs caps at 40% and not 100% like it originally said.
  • Fixed an issue where Snowstorm deals damage only four times, will now do damage until Relic energy is depleted.
  • The icicles from the Cold Front skill deal around 20% weapon damage and is not increased, regardless of how many points are added to that skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Golem with tier 1 bonus unlocked charges Dusk Mage’s Dark and Light Bar.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Golem can be targeted, causing ranged characters to walk towards enemies.


  • Fixed an issue where leveling Miasma does not increase the skill’s damage.
  • Adjusted the damage for the fanged maw ranged attack so its dealing the proper damage amount, it was not.
  • Fixed an issue where Spectral Spider’s damage is not increasing for every skill point spent; additionally, fixed its in-game base effect is inconsistent with its description.


  • Fixed an issue where leveling a skill causes the spent skill point to still show as being unspent.
  • Clarified tooltips for how +10% boosts to relic skill damage works — it’s a multiplier, and it now says so.
  • Fixed spawning issues where some skills could summon their pets outside the environment.
  • Fixed a confusing, blurred error message that was displayed on the bottom of the screen during difficulty selection when creating a new character.

Dusk Mage

  • Dark Spears tier 2 bonus now grants 10% cooldown reduction to all skills with cooldowns (excluding the cooldowns on charge-based skills).
  • Fixed an issue where damage is not increased by 50% while in Harmonic Form.
  • Players now appear correctly to their party members while casting Holy Fury in multiplayer.
  • Entropy’s Tier 3 milestone no longer increases mana cost, but the pulses deal half the skill’s normal weapon damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Luminous Run would not interrupt other skills, and would not activate if targeted very close or very far from your position.
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Step would not interrupt other skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Damnation’s duration is not updated in the skill’s description after leveling up the ability.
  • Fixed Harmonic Form from spending charges.
  • Fixed an issue where the mana bar might not decrease under certain circumstances.


  • New Steam Mechanic for Forged, including new HUD/HUD animations. New SFX/VFX for some adjusted skills.
  • Forged now has a second resource!  Steam is displayed directly next to the Heat bar. Steam is generated by venting Heat.  If you Vent a full Heat bar, you get a full Steam bar. Steam very slowly decays over time, but increases Forged Movement Speed so long as you have any Steam, justifying the slow decay. By default, Steam has an immediate early-game benefit to utilize.  It enhances Basic Attacks with special bonus Proc effects that will spend Steam:
        – For Melee basic weapons, a conical blast of steam will deal damage whenever you swing.
        – For Ranged basic weapons, a piercing steam projectile is shot whenever you fire.
    Now that venting Heat generates a bar that can be utilized for extra benefits, Heat no longer decays or stops skill use.  You can still use skills even at maximum Heat.
  • Slug Shot has become “Pressure Shot”, firing a much larger steam blast in a line.  It has far higher DPS than Rapid Fire.
  • Servo-Driven Uppercut has become “Steam-Powered Uppercut”.  It has far higher DPS than Rapid Strike.
  • “Vent: Furnace Blast” has become “Critical Mass”.  It requires over 75 Heat and Steam, and clears both bars.  This positions it as a ‘build around me’ skill, as you need to be building both bars quickly.
  • “Vent: Fracking Strike” has become just “Fracking Strike”, as a powerful cooldown skill spending 75 Steam, sending the current Fracking Strike shockwaves in 8 directions.
  • Power Projection has been updated to rapidly generate Steam over time while the buff is active.  This gives the skill more utility in more builds, and adds a timing component.  You want to use the skill when you are low on Steam.
  • Sonic Pulse is updated to increase damage from Steam-spending skills (including Basic attack Steam procs).  This makes timing Sonic Pulse important – you want to use it with a full Steam bar, regardless of which route you took for Steam spending.
  • Several skill milestones and Legendary bonuses have been updated to work with the new Steam mechanics.
  • Fixed an issue where Critical Mass (formerly Vent: Furnace Blast)s tier 1 & 2 milestone bonus did not function.
  • Replaced the old Forged orb with the new version in the help/mechanics screen.
  • Fixed an issue where all Heat is reduced to 0 upon leveling up.
  • Fixed an issue where Ramming Robot would not interrupt other skills, and would pause slightly after ending the charge before allowing normal movement again.
  • Fixed typo referring to the old Forged skill name of “Steam-Powered Uppercut Damage”.
  • Poison dart tooltip clarified to say what type of damage it deals.


  • Fixed an issue where Reload does not reset cooldown of some of the Adventurer skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Visage would not interrupt other skills, and would not activate if targeted very far from your position.
  • Fixed an issue where tier 3 of Shasta looked like she was poisoned.
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Visage was not scaling its crit chance per level correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Onslaught was not indicating its per level bonus was damage, not duration. Fixed the tooltip so the duration now changes when you get its tier 2 milestone.
  • Added a missing SharpShooter hair anim FBX file that caused it not to animation on the character select screen.


  • Fixed an issue where Hammer Swing would not interrupt other skills, and would pause slightly after ending the charge before allowing normal movement again.
  • Fixed the legendary Shotgonner’s Shield referring to a bonus effect of Shield Car which does not exist.
  • Reduced the length of Railmaster tracks before they start deleting.
  • Reduced the VFX for Shield Car to help with the intensity.
  • Fixed a tier 3 bonus effect of the ‘Blastin Charge’ skill deals incorrect damage.

Torchlight III – Ver. ???

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available.

  • List of changes:
  • adds three new pets. The Midnight Cat, Dragonling Spirit, and the Spooky Retriever can be rescued from dungeons and bosses, and come with a new legendary pet skill, Necropupper. This ability summons two skeletons that last 12 seconds, deal 50% weapon damage and have 50% of your health. These spooky pets will only be available until December, so players will need to track them down before then!
  • adds the Ancient Ember gear set. A Relic-focused set, provides two new skills: Imbue Relic, which restores all Relic Energy and resets Relic skill cooldowns, and Earthen Spike, which conjures spikes from the ground that deal 100% weapon damage to a nearby enemy when an Active Relic Skill is activated.
  • adds two new weapons. The Sword of the Lost Legion grants a new active skill that allows players to summon a battalion of ghostly skeletons, while the Lightning Baller mace fires a large shock bolt that splinters into smaller shock bolt projectiles.
  • adds six new fort decorations to unlock, as two new fort items have been added to each of three contracts in the multi-tiered contracts progression and reward system that lets players earn Fame and unlock elite items.
    • Adventurer’s Contract
      • Faceless Orator (Rare)
      • Tombstone (Common)
    • Homesteader’s Contract
      • Wooden Coffin (Common)
      • Cemetery Stone Wall (Magic)
    • Craftsman’s Contract
      • Witch’s Table (Rare)
      • Skull Gate (Magic)
  • introduces a number of quality of life improvements
    • two new added affixes to Fazeer’s Dun’djinn: Anchored and Essential
    • the ability to buy Respectacles — special items players can use to respec their builds — in town via potion vendors
  • provides bug fixes
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Perfect World PR

How to download updates for Torchlight IIIfor the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Torchlight III, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.



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