Tomodachi Life: new update available (Ver. 2.0), item distribution extended

Tomodachi LifeTomodachi Life has been pretty popular outside Japan, and especially in Europe, which is why Nintendo decided to re-release the game. Indeed, back in July, the company announced that Tomodachi Life would be translated in Dutch: this new version of the game is now available in store! But players who already own the game and want to play in Dutch do not have anything to worry about: an update is now available!

This new update brings Tomodachi Life to Ver. 2.0, with the following changes:

  • Dutch translation added (you simply need to set your system language to Dutch in order to play the game in Dutch).
  • Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment.

This update requires 355 blocks (roughly 44MB) of free space on your SD Card, and to download it, you have several options:

  • you can select the game from the Home Menu (while being connected to the internet), in order to trigger the download;
  • you can search for Tomodachi Life on the Nintendo eShop
  • you can use the option on the Nintendo eShop Settings page

Also, Nintendo announced today that the special import items would be distributed for another year. Those SpotPass distributions were supposed to end next year, but now, they will keep going until the middle of 2017. Of course, Nintendo will simply resend the same items, so if you missed one in particular, you will be able to get it!

Source: Nintendo eShop



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