The Plane Effect: latest trailer and Summer release

PQube have shared a brand new trailer for The Plane Effect, a dystopian adventure game developed by Studio Kiku and Innovina Interactive headed to Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Here’s the trailer, along with a list of key features:

  • A mysterious and cinematic journey through a mind-bending, dystopian world
  • Play as Solo, a lonely office worker, as you clock out and embark on an impossible journey home
  • Immerse yourself in a twisted reality as you attempt to comprehend and navigate the inexplicable phenomena around you
  • Solve puzzles and navigate complex environments, or activate ‘Assisted Mode’ for guidance

The Plane Effect (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Source: PQube PR

About The Plane Effect

It is your last day, it is time to clock out and head home.

But where is ho̷me?
And what is home?
Are you alone, Solo?

The Plane Effect puts you in the shoes of Solo, a lonely office worker on his final day at the office and it is time to return to your beautiful family. You do have a family, don’t you? You think you do. You remember having a wife and child… you’re sure of it. 

Toying with your grip of reality and distorting the balance of time and space, Solo battles adversity as he traverses the abstruse and deeply aesthetic world of The Plane Effect.

Along the dangerous path that Solo walks, you’ll be challenged with untangling impossible series’ of events, getting to grips with the intangible and using logic to overcome the increasingly illogical dystopia around you.


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