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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force HeroesThe Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes comes out next month worldwide, and last week, Nintendo started posting various pictures on the series’ official Twitter account in Japan. The pictures themselves don’t show anything really new (at least for now), which is why we made this post. We will update it every time Nintendo posts something new (screenshots, artworks).

Of course, if a major announcement is made, it will get its own separate post!

Today’s pictures

In the past few days, Nintendo shared two pictures:

  • the first one shows the Coliseum. Just like the main adventure, it can be played with three players…. but also with just two of them. In that case, the third player will be “replaced” by a Wallmaster, which comes spiece things up a bit.
  • the second one shows the Stylish woman, who comments on your clothes every time you change them.

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Head after the break for the rest of the pics!

Here’s all the pictures revealed so far:

September 7th

The first one shows the Captain of the Witch Hunt.
The second one shows the Triforce Gate, the only entrance to the area where the Witch lives. You need three persons to activate it.
The third one one shows the three options you have when you want to find some partners to play with: Local Play, Internet Play, Download Play.
The fourth one shows the icons you can use to communicate with other players when playing via the internet.

September 8th

Today’s pictures show the Totem mechanic: the three Link climb on each other,  in order to solve puzzles and hit enemies which are out of reach. Of course, the player in the middle cannot do anything: the one on top attacks, while the other on the bottom moves.

September 9th

Today’s pictures show us two things:

  • the World Map, with several areas visible (a temple in the forest, a volcano, etc.). Nintendo’s tweet confirms that there’s a total of 8 “areas” in the game, with 4 “levels” each (so a total of 32 stages, as mentioned in the overview video last week).
  • one of the costumes.

September 10th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures, which shows the same person: Madame Taylot (and not Madame Terra, as we initially reported). She is a top-designer that everyone calls “Madame”, and who can make some costumes (which gives you some special powers, like being able to swim faster).

September 11th

Today, Nintendo showed three pictures:

  • the first one shows the Stylish Woman (one of the characters found in Kakariko Village, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds), which came to see Madame Taylor in order to buy some clothes.
  • the second and third ones show what you can do with the materials you found in the dungeon. You can bring them to Madame Taylor, so she can make them some costumes. Some of those costumes actually improve your current abilities. The third screenshots show the three Links shooting beams from their swords.

September 14th

Today, Nintendo shared five pictures:

  • in the first one we learn that there’s two types of costumes: those which grant you new abilities, and those which improve your current abilities.
  • the second and third screenshots show the Kokiri costume, which allows you to shot three arrows at once with your bow (instead of 1).
  • the fourth and third screenshots show the Heart Dress, which allows you to get more hearts from enemies and grass than usual. It’s perfect for players who want to support their team.

September 15th

Today’s picture show what happens when you lose all your hearts… everyone dies, because the hearts are shared by all players. Thankfully, a fairy will also revive all players when used!

September 16th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures:

  • the first one shows the three items you can chose from at the beginning of each level. Each player can only bring one item with them, and only one player can pick up each item.
  • the second one shows the same gauge as in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Each time you use your item, this gauge depleted little by little. Of course, you just need to wait a little bit between each use for the gauge to fill up.

September 18th

Today, Nintendo shared just one picture for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. It shows a rather menacing boss that you encounter in the forest area, and which has a rather obvious weak point.

September 24th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures:

  • the first one shows the Water Rod: a very handy item which allows you to create pillars of water anywhere;
  • the second one shows an Octorok, one of the most common enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. Just like in previous games, they like to hide in the water, and when you come near them, they come out and shoot rocks at you.

September 25th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures:

  • the first one shows the Water Wizard costume;
  • the second one shows how the Water Wizard costume allows you to make much bigger water pillars with the Water Rod.

September 29th

Today, Nintendo shared two sets of pictures:

  • the first two show the Zora Garb, which allows you to swim much faster in water;
  • the other two show the Goron Garb, which makes you flame resistant and allows you to swim in lava.

September 30th

Today, Nintendo only shared one picture: it shows an area inside a volcano. As you can imagine, it’s quite easy to get burnt, so you really need to be careful… especially with the hearts being shared among all three players!

October 1st

Today, Nintendo shared three pictures:

  • The first one shows Green Link trying to throw the other two links over to the other side of a gap, but unfortunately, the other platform is too far…
  • The second one shows Green Link using the Gust Jar to send Blue Link across.
  • The third one shows Blue Link using the boomrang to help Green Link across a stream of lava.

October 2nd

Today, Nintendo shared only picture: it shows the Hinox Brothers, that you have to fight in one of the volcano areas. They throw bombs at you, and you need to throw them back using the Boomrang or the Gust Jar for example.

October 5th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures for the game. They both show the boss of the Volcano area, which has some special eyes: their colour change if a player comes into its territory. From the looks of it, the colour of the eye depends on the player it’s targeting.

October 6th

Today, Nintendo shared three additional pics:

  • the first one shows the exterior Treasure House, where you can find the daily Treasure Chest mini-game;
  • the second one shows the mini-game itself, which is completely free. Its goal is pretty simple: you have your chests, and you can only open one of them. You get whatever is inside, such as rare materials for making clothes for example.
  • the third one shows Link opening one of the chests.

October 9th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures. They both show the 8bit Boy costume, which gives your Link a Minecraft-like appearance. But it’s not just your appearance which changes: the music and sound effects too!

October 13th

Today, Nintendo shared two additional screenshots for the game, which both showcase the Boomrang costume. It allows you to get a bone boomrang, which goes further than the usual boomrang.

October 15th

Today, shared one lone picture, which shows a rather ice-cold boss. Obviously, you need to avoid its ice breath (unless you want to become an ice cube), as well as its own body.

October 16th

Today, Nintendo shared two pictures, showcasing some winter clothes: when you wear them, you will not slip when walking on ice… pretty useful if you want to avoid falling down a cliff!

October 19th

Today, Nintendo shared one lone picture, which shows two Links trying to get rid of some ice pillars with the Fire Gloves.

October 20th

Today, Nintendo once again shared only one pic, which shows one of the bosses of the game: Blizzagia. Its head is pretty hard, so you need to get rid of the ice on its body before being able to damage him.

October 31st

Yesterday, Nintendo shared two pictures: they show how you can block a player you’ve been playing online with by pressing the A button and selecting them on the touchscreen.

November 3rd

Yesterday, Nintendo shared one lone picture: it shows the Coliseum, where you can play against other players in a PvP mode. You can earn some rare materials that way. To win, you need to pick up the right costume, but also the right weapon!

November 10th

Yesterday, Nintendo shared one lone picture: it shows the Fortress, which is one of the areas of the game. Apparently, The Lady is hiding somewhere inside!

November 11th

Today, Nintendo shared one lone picture: it once again shows the Fortress, with some soldiers. Since they’re wearing armor and weapons, hitting them is not as easy as with regular enemies. You need to use weapons (such as the Gust Jar) in order to break their defenses.

November 17th

Today, Nintendo shared one lone picture: it shows Link wearing the Light armor, and standing in front of the Street Merchant’s tent. Wearing this costume is the only way to get inside… but what will you find in there?

November 20th

Today, Nintendo shared one lone picture: it shows the secret message in pseudo-braille, that you can find somewhere in town. Did you find out what it means (no looking online!)?

December 6th

In the past few days, Nintendo shared several pictures:

  • the first one shows one of the mysterious diaries you can find throughout town. They give you clues about secret spots you can find in the levels;
  • the second, third and fourth ones show some of the secret spots you can find in the levels. You need to move the camera around to find them!
  • the fifth one shows the new area added with Ver. 2.0.0: the Den of Trials;
  • the sixth and seventh ones show the two new costumes added with Ver. 2.0.0: the Fierce Deity mail and Linebeck’s uniform;
  • the final one shows the questions you have to answer before heading online with random players (added with Ver. 2.0.0).

December 14th

In the past few days, Nintendo shared several pictures: they all show secret areas you can find within the levels.

December 24th

In the past few days, Nintendo shared several pictures:

  • the first two show more secret areas from the levels
  • the third one is an artwork used by Eiji Aonuma to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (3DS) came out on October 22nd in Japan, and October 23rd in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo



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