The Legend of Legacy: soundtrack samples

The Legend of Legacy (a Japanese RPG by FuRyu) came out on January 22nd in Japan, and was rather successful: over 60 000 units have been sold so far. The soundtrack of the game was composed by the one and only Masashi Hamauzu, kwown for his work on the SaGa series, Final Fantasy XIII and more.

Good news for fans: the original soundtrack is coming out in exactly one week in Japan. The album will contain 2 discs, with 35 tracks in total, and will cost 2 778 Yen (+ taxes, ~ 21€ / 15£ / 23$). If you’re looking for a preview, the official website was updated with several excerpts from the soundtrack, that you can find there.

If you want, you can right click > save the files:

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3
Excerpt 4
Excerpt 5
Excerpt 6
Excerpt 7
Excerpt 8
Excerpt 9
Excerpt 10
Excerpt 11
Excerpt 12
Excerpt 13


Source: Monomusik



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