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TASaturday #9: Super Mario Kart (SNES)

For the TASaturday #9, we decided to go with another classic on the SNES: Super Mario Kart! This is not the surprising game we’ve promised you two weeks in a row, but the truth is Humanity is probably not ready for that TAS we wanted to celebrate the launch of the second DLC Pack for Mario Kart 8.

As you probably know, Super Mario Kart is the very first entry in the Mario Kart series, and uses what is called “Mode 7“. Compared to the latest entry in the series (Mario Kart 8), Super Mario Kart certainly appears very basic and primitive… and yet, thanks to cstrakm, it’s still even faster than the newly-launched 200cc class!

In today’s TAS, cstrakm completes each circuit of Super Mario Kart ultra fast: some laps even last barely a second or two! Obviously, this couldn’t have been done without heavy glitch abuse and some rather neat (and funny) techniques to trick the game into thinking the player had done an actual lap. In any Mario Kart, jumping into pits or lava is not really recommended (understatement of the year), but in this TAS, it’s simply unavoidable in order to break records.

Obviously, what you’ll see in today’s TAS can’t really be called fairplay, but the point of a TAS rarely is to be fair with the CPU… quite the opposite actually!

Here’s the TAS of Super Mario Kart by cstrakm:

Click here for more information about this Tool Assisted Speedrun!

Next week, we’ll have a cool TAS to celebrate the 10th TASaturday! (Who the hell celebrates that kind of thing anyway?)


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