Swords & Soldiers II: Ronimo Games explains the price, Daily Duel video #15 and #16

Just like the first game (released on WiiWare), Swords & Soldiers II is a real-time strategy game. It’s finally coming out this week (tomorrow, in fact) in Europe and North America, exclusively on the Wii U!



At launch, Swords & Soldiers II will cost 19.99$ / 18.99€ / 16.99£, which makes it one of the most expensive games on the Nintendo eShop. In a statement sent to NintendoLife, Ronimo Games explained why they decided to go with such a price.

First of all, they explained that Swords & Soldiers II is a self-funded project, which took over 3 years to develop. It was built from the ground-up, and features a rather neat hand animated art style, but also “kickass” new gameplay features, such as:

– two new factions + one upgraded classic faction;
– lots of new units, spells and building;
– Custom Army: allows player to build their own army (out of +45 elements);
– a multiplayer mode, making full use of the GamePad (and with each player on his/her own screen);
– Epic (narrated) storyline;
– sidequests;
– minigames;
– over 40 challenging bonus objectives to complete.

In other words: Swords & Soldiers II is a quality game, packed with content and the result of over 3 years of development. For Ronimo Games, “there should be room for bigger, better and higher quality indie games. We feel Swords & Soldiers II is such a game and the price is a reflection of that.” For them, Swords & Sodilers II is definitely worth 19.99$ / 18.99€ / 16.99£, period.

This statement certainly reminds us of a similar one made by KnapNok about Affordable Space Adventures (which isn’t quite affordable). For them and Ronimo Games, getting into race to the bottom regarding the price of games on the Nintendo eShop is visibly out of the question. They made premium content, totally worth the premium pricing.

Source: NintendoLife

Daily Duels

In order to prepare for the long-awaited launch of Swords & Soldiers II, Ronimo Games launched the Daily Duel video series earlier this month. Every day, and until the game’s launch on May 21st (tomorrow!), a brand new video will be uploaded every day on YouTube. As the name implies, those videos show a Duel between two groups of units from Swords & Soldiers II.

Yesterday, they uploaded the 15th Duel Video, which pits 1 Sand witch + 2 Desert Stalkers + 2 Berserkers + 4 Axethrowers + 1 Ooga Booga spell against 1 Barrel rider + 2 Shamshir soldiers + 1 Fakir + 2 Nagas + 1 Necromancer + 1 Freyja’s Blessing spell.

As for the 16th Duel Video, it pits 1 Helga + 2 Berserkers + 6 Axthrowers + 1 Freyja’s Blessing against 1 Necromancer + 1 Fakir + 2 Spearthrowers + 2 Nagas + 3 Shamshir Soldiers.


Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U eShop) comes out tomorrow in Europe and North America!



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