Switch milestones: Suika Game / Balatro, and more

Suika Game

A few days ago, Aladdin X announced that Suika Game had sold over 8 million units since launch, across both Nintendo Switch and Mobile. And today, a press release for the game gives a breakdown of sales, which are as follows:

  • Nintendo Switch: 7 million units
  • Mobile: 1.3 million units

Source: 4Gamer


LocalThunk and PlayStack announced that Balatro has now sold over 1 million units across all platforms since launch. That announcement comes less than a month after the previous milestone (500.000 units sold within the first 10 days).

Source: official Twitter account

Not Tonight

No More Robots announced that the two games in the Not Tonight series have sold over 600.000 units across both PC and Nintendo Switch. No breakdown is provided, but the second game (Not Tonight 2) is only releasing on Nintendo Switch next week (on March 27th to be precise), so overall sales most likely skew towards PC.

Source: No More Robots PR (20/03/2024)

Sea of Stars

Sabotage Studio announced that Sea of Stars has reached another milestone: 5 million players across all platforms since launch. With the game getting a couch co-op mode, there’s little doubt that number is going to increase significantly in the future!

Source: Sabotage Studio


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