Switch: meaty mandatory downloads for WWE 2K18 and L.A. Noire

The Nintendo Switch uses cartridges, a format that has many advantages (fast reading speed, more durable), but also a pretty big disadvantage… they’re quite pricey. And unfortunately, it looks like third-party publishers have decided to pass the cost onto the players, as we saw with NBA 2K18 and its 17GB mandatory download. And it turns out WWE 2K18 and L.A. Noire, by the same publisher, will also require one.

Let’s start with WWE 2K18, that will require at least 24GB of free space on your microSD Card. We don’t know the file size for the digital version, but it has to be around 32GB (if not even more). One thing’s for sure: you will not be able to fit that game on the internet memory of your console!

L.A. Noire will also require a mandatory download, but it’s a tad more manageable than the one for WWE 2K18. Indeed, you will need 14GB of free space on your microSD Card or Nintendo Switch. You will not need to get a microSD for it… unless you plan to go with the digital version, that requires 29GB of free space.

As expected NBA 2K18 was just the beginning, as there are even more games with mandatory downloads coming in the next few weeks/months… a trend that will most definitely continue until the price of higher-capacity cartridges drop significantly (though if nobody wants to use them, it’s going to take a while).

Source: Take-Two

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