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Super Smash Bros. (Wii U): results of the 3rd Photo Challenge

In the past few weeks, Nintendo has held several Photo Challenges for Super Smash Bros. for WIii U, on Miiverse. And today, SmashGuide has revealed the results, which are as follow:

– Gold prize: “Two racers down, but who will win?” by Joseph

A message from Sakurai:

“Sonic does drive occasionally, but when he does I just want to tell him to get out and walk.”

– Silver prize: “You’re adopted” by Aimee.

– Silver prize: “Die Zeit ist gekommen… los Luigi! Zeig allen was du drauf hast!!! (The time has come… Go, Luigi! Show them what you’ve got!!!)” by Dеιτα.

– Silver prize: “True ‘Moment of Truth!'” by RYO.

– Silver prize: “After being trapped underground for what seemed liked weeks, rescuers successfully pulled Mario from the collapsed mine.” by Chris E..

Source: Miiverse


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