Super Mario Maker: new update next week, New 3DS cover plates for Europe

Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker update

Ever since Super Mario Maker launched, back in September, over 3.3 million courses have been uploaded by players from all around the world. But there’s one thing you will not find in any of them: checkpoints. Good news: said checkpoints will finally be added to the game next week, via a new Software update.

Besides mid-level checkpoints, the update will also let players add up to two flags to their courses (so that they can resume from the furthest checkpoint passed if they happen to lose a life). Players who already uploaded levels will be able to edit them if they want, or upload brand new creations (but the rules haven’t changed: checkpoints or not, you still need to be able to complete your own level before uploading it).

Here’s the other changes to be added via this new update for Super Mario Maker:

  • Power-ups that are dependent to Mario’s status. For example, adding a Super Mushrom to a Fire Flower will give a Super Mushroom to Small Mario, but a Fire Flower to Super Mario.
  • Event courses in the Course World online hub. Those are special levels made by partner creators from outside Nintendo. One of the first levels will be “Ship Love”, which is the winning level from the Facebook Hackathon. Nintendo explains that new Event Courses will be added on a regular basis, and some of them will even feature some new mystery Mushroom transformations. This is most likely how Nintendo will distribute the Famitsu, GameCenter CX and Mario-kun levels in Japan.
  • Official Makers section: in this section, levels selected by Nintendo will be available. Some of them will even be created by Nintendo developers.

This Software update for Super Mario Maker will be available for download on November 5th in Europe and Japan, and November 4th in North America.

Here’s a trailer showcasing the changes/additions:

Once Nintendo has shared the official patchnotes for the update, we will include them in a separate post!

Source: Nintendo

New Nintendo 3DS cover plates

Besides the new update, Nintendo also announced that the Super Mario Maker cover plates (revealed last week in Japan) would be released on November 27th in Europe (one day before Japan). Nintendo didn’t give any price for them, but there’s no doubt they will cost the same as the other standard cover plates available in Europe.

Here’s a picture of the cover plates:

Source: Nintendo



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