Summer Pockets: additional details and pictures

Earlier this week, Prototype announced in Famitsu announced that they are bringing CLANNAD (a popular Visual Novel by Key / Visual Art’s) to the Nintendo Switch. And the week before that, they announced that they are also bringing Summer Pockets (the latest Visual Novel by the same developers) to Nintendo’s console. And yesterday, the company shared a few more details about the latter, along with various screenshots.

First: controls. Naturally, the game can be played using buttons in Handheld Mode, but just like CLANNAD, it also offers touchscreen support. It looks like particular attention was paid to portability, though of course, the game can also be played in Tabletop and TV Mode. In that mode, you can use just one Joy-Con to play.

Next, here’s the list of characters found in the game (along with their VA, when applicable):

  • Hairi Takahara (protagonist)
  • Naruse Shiroha (voiced by Konomi Kohara)
  • Sorakado Ao (voiced by Natsumi Takamori)
  • Kushima Mamome (voiced by Tomomi Mineuchi)
  • Tsumugi Wenders (voiced by Emiri Iwai)
  • Mitani Ryoichi (voiced by Kentarou Kumagai)
  • Kano Tenzen (voiced by Youhei Hamada)
  • Nomura Miki (voiced by Sakutto Ichimiya)
  • Mizuori Shizuku (voiced by Koyama Sahomi)
  • Kato Umi (voiced by Aimi Tanaka)
  • Misaki Kyoko (voiced by Megumi Takamoto)
  • Naruse Kobato (voiced by Minoru Shiraishi)
  • Inari (voiced by Konomi Suzuki)

Finally, here’s some screenshots, character art, and background art:

Summer Pockets (Switch) comes out this Spring in Japan.

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