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Stella Glow: trailer and screenshots for Hilda, Nintendo 3DS Theme

Stella GlowYesterday, Atlus USA uploaded one more trailer for Stella Glow, this time focusing on Hilda: the Witch of Destruction. Basically, she’s your main enemy in the game, and her goal is, quite simply, to save the world from humans. She asks her Harbingers to burn down villages, and then crystalise humans.

In order to oppose her, Alto will have to gather witches from all around the world, and then use the combined powers of wind, water, fire, and earth to reverse her curse. Of course, Hilda just won’t let you do without trying to stop you, which is why she will ask her Harbingers to destroy the witches. But make no mistake: it’s not just her cursed song you should worry about… her scythe is pretty deadly too!

Here’s the trailer and some screenshots for Hilda:

If you’re planning to get the game from the Nintendo eShop: good news! Atlus will have a little present for you: a Nintendo 3DS Theme featuring Hilda, the four witches, and Bubu (Popo’s pet pig). On the top screen, you have a scrolling collage of the 5 witches, and on the bottom one, you have the one and only Bubu.

Here’s a picture of the Nintendo 3DS Theme, which will only be available to players buying Stella Glow from the Nintendo eShop:

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on November 17th in North America, and March 11th in Europe.

Source: Atlus


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