Splatoon: results of the votes for the last Splatfest maps, results of Miiverse drawing event

Today, Nintendo sent a newsletter to Japanese players, in order to announce the map rotation for the last Splatfest in Japan. It turns out that the map rotation is exactly the same for all regions, which does make sense since the results are combined (everyone has to play on a level field).

For this last Splatfest, Nintendo let players chose the map via a vote. And yesterday evening, the company revealed the results, which are as follows:


  1. Walleye Warehouse
  2. Kelp Dome
  3. Piranha Pit
  4. Moray Towers
  5. Blackbelley Skatepark

North America

  1. Moray Towers
  2. Mahi-Mahi Resort
  3. Kelp Dome
  4. Blackbelly Skatepark
  5. Walleye Warehouse


  1. Moray Towers
  2. Kelp Dome
  3. Walleye Warehouse
  4. Mahi-Mahi Resort
  5. Blackbelly Skatepark


  1. Kelp Dome
  2. Moray Towers
  3. Blackbelly Skatepark
  4. Walleye Warehouse
  5. Mahi-Mahi Resort

Therefore, the map rotation will be as follows:

  • Kelp Dome
  • Moray Towers
  • Walleye Warehouse

Surprisingly, players from Europe, North America, and “Others” pretty much voted for the same set of maps. Japanese players also did, but only them put Piranha Pit in the Top 5 of maps.

Talking of the Splatfest, here’s the design of the t-shirts players will be wearing this week-end (that you should already have by now, since voting opened last week!):

Finally, here’s the results of the drawing event which was held on Miiverse:

The last Splatfest takes starts tomorrow!

Source: Nintendo / Squid Research Lab



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