Splatoon: results of the 14th Splatfest (global)

In this post, you will find the results of the 14th Splatfest in all three regions: Europe, North America, and Japan.

Europe / Japan / North America

Unlike all the previous ones, the 14th Splatfest was truly global. Everyone had the same theme, everyone played at the same time, and more importantly, everyone played together. Naturally, that means the results of this Splatfest are also global, just like those for the previous one were the same in Europe and North America.

For this first global Splatfest (which was a collaboration with Miitomo), the theme was “Which kind of party would you like to attend? A Black Tie Event, or a Fancy Dress Party?”. The most popular kind of party was the Black Tie Event, with 52% of the votes. And not only it the most popular team, it was also the best team with 51% of all battles won. Since they won in both categories, it’s members from Black Tie Event who won the Splatfest!

Here’s the results:

  • Popularity: Team Black Tie Event (52%) – Team Fancy Dress Party (48%)
  • Matches won: Team Black Tie Event (51%) – Team Fancy Dress Party (49%)
  • Final results: Team Black Tie Event (358) – Team Fancy Dress Party (342)

Splatfest 14 results

Splatfest 14 results 2Source: Splatoon



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