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Splatoon: details about matchmaking, music video, dominoes video


Today, the Squid Research Lab posted some details about the upcoming update for Splatoon, and more precisely the new matchmaking modes (Squad Battles and Private Battles). They talked an option that wasn’t mentionned by Nintendo of Europe or Nintendo of America, which puts together 4 pairs of “tagged” players with similar rank, and them distribute them randomly in order to make two teams of 4 players.

Source: Splatoon

Music video

The Squid Research Lab also posted a music video of Hooked, by the fictional band Hightide Era, which is one of the music tracks that will be added to Splatoon next week via the major Software update:


Finally, a rather impressive video was shared by Nintendo UK on Twitter, featuring Splatoon and… dominoes!

The first major update for Splatoon will be released on August 6th, worldwide (August 5th for North America).


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