Splatoon 3: Chill Season 2023 to kick off on December 1st; trailer, videos, and details

On December 1st, a brand new Season will kick off in Splatoon 3: the Chill Season 2023. Like the previous one, it will bring a slew of fresh content to the game: new weapons, new and returning stages, new Gear, new music tracks, and more. As usual, a new update will be released one day prior: that update will be required to access the new content!

The Squid Research Lab has shared a trailer showcasing what Inklings and Octolings the world over will be able to check out starting next month:

The Chill Season 2023 will bring the following to the game:

  • new music tracks: No Quarters (by Chirpy Chips), Sloppy Spree (by Chirpy Chips)
  • new Stages: Robo ROM-en, Bluefin Depot (from Splatoon)
  • new Special Weapons:
    • Splattercolor Screen. It consists of a huge sheet of ink that unfolds at the point of impact. The screen doesn’t block ink, but it does lower visibility a great deal, which is bound to make attacks trickier to pull off. This Special Weapon has a lot of potential tactics-wise, as it can be used to hide ally movements from enemies, but also to split up the enemy team. As you can see in the video below, the Splattercolor Screen does deal damage when an opponent touches it, and it also turns their screen black and white for a little while, making it hard for them to distinguish between the different types of ink.
    • Triple Spashdown. Your character conjures up two giant ink fists, leaps into the air, and then slams down onto the ground, which creates up to 3 Ink explosions. The further away you are from the points of impact, the less damage you receive. However, spots where two or more explosions overlap are extra dangerous because damage from each explosion does stack up!
  • new Weapons
    • Snipewriter 5H (Sub: Splash Wall / Special: Ink Storm)
    • Foil Squeezer (Sub: Autobombs / Special: Splattercolor Screen)
    • Undercover Sorella Brella (Sub: Torpedo / Special: Splattercolor Screen)
    • Painbrush Nouveau (Sub: Point Sensor / Special: Tenta Missiles)
    • REEF-LUX 450 Deco (Sub: Splash Wall / Special: Reefslider)
    • S-BLAST ’91 (Sub: Burst Bomb / Special: Booyah Bomb)
    • Neo Splatana Stamper (Sub: Toxic Mist / Special: Crab Tank)
    • Blaster Custom (Sub: Point Sensor / Special: Triple Splashdown)
    • Enperry Splat Dualies (Sub: Curling Bomb / Special: Triple Splashdown)
  • new Salmonid King: Megalodontia. It’s much larger than regular King Salmonids (big enough to swallow a ship whole), and is set to appear during the next Big Run (December 1st to December 4th)
  • a brand new Catalog with new emotes, Gear, and more
  • a new set of decorations for your Locker
  • adds a new set of Tableturf Battle cards, including all new Weapons introduced this season. Includes the two new Special Weapon: Splattercolor Screen (can be deployed over a large area) and the Triple Splashdown.
  • Frosty Fest is returning during the Chill Season 2023, with a special Splatfest (more details to be announed soon). A set of Frosty Fet Gear will be distributed via the News feature of the Nintendo Switch, too!


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