Splatoon: 14th Splatfest to be global, taking place this week-end (Miitomo theme)

Update: we just added two illustrations and the map rotation for the Splatfest: you will find that below!


Splatfest are special 24 hour long events that take place regularly in Splatoon. During those, players have to answer a question (like “Do you prefer cats or dogs?”), before joining a team depending on their answer. At the end of each Splatfest, the team with the most points wins, based on popularity and number of battles won.

Europe, Japan, North America

The 13th Splatfest was a bit different in Europe and North America, as for the first time ever, it was cross-region. Not only was the theme the same in both regions, but players could also play against opponents from another region (something only possible outside Splatfests). Naturally, the results were also the same for both Europe and North America.

And for the 14th Splatfest, taking place next week, Nintendo decided to kick it up a notch. This time around, the festival will truly be global: players from Europe, Japan, and North America will all play together for the first time around. The theme will be: “What kind of party would you like to attend? A Black Tie Event, or a Fancy Dress Party?”

It’s a collaboration with the Miitomo app on smart devices, which already got its own Splatoon collaboration a few days ago.

SplatfestNaturally, this Splatfest will take place at the same time in all three regions (which is why it’s once again longer than the usual festival):

  • Europe: 5AM (May 14th) to 12PM (May 15th)
  • UK: 4AM (May 14th) to 11AM (May 15th)
  • North America (EST): 11PM (May 13th) to 6AM (May 15th)
  • North America (PST): 8PM (May 13th) to 3AM (May 15th)
  • Japan: 12PM (May 14th) to 7PM (May 15th)

Here’s the map rotation for this Splatfest:

  • Walleye Warehouse
  • Flounder Heights
  • Ancho-V Games

Finally, here’s some illustrations, and the design of the t-shirt for this Splatfest:

Source: Nintendo



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