Sonic Forces: Tag Team reveal, another soundtrack sample

Yesterday, SEGA announced that the second Sonic game of 2017, Sonic Forces, would be released on November 9th… in Japan. Quite surprisingly, the game still doesn’t have a release date, and (so far) nothing has been announced at gamescom 2017 (which was a great place to reveal it)… despite SEGA revealing a new feature!

Yesterday, SEGA uploaded a brand new video for Sonic Forces, that shows a feature called “Tag Team”. Basically, Modern Sonic can team up with your Hero Character in special stages. To be more precise, you get to utilise Sonic’s boost abilities and homing attack, and your character’s Wispon abilities and grappling hook to defeat enemies.

That video also happens to reveal a brand new Wispon, called the Cube Wispon. With it, you can freeze enemies in block-like prisons… before pulverising them. Good riddance!

Here’s the latest video for Sonic Forces, introducing Tag Team:

But that’s not all… a new soundtrack sample was uploaded, and this time, it’s a special remix for Metal Sonic: VS. Metal Sonic (US ver.) Remix!

Here’s the video:

Finally, here’s a few more screenshots for the game, showcasing the Tag Team feature:

Sonic Forces (Switch) comes out on November 9th in Japan, and before the end of the year in Europe and North America.

Source: SEGA PR



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