Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – Additional details (story, gameplay)

Sonic Boom 2It’s been quite a while since we last hear anything about Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (not counting the delay and new release dates announcements). In fact, SEGA hasn’t revealed anything since the initial reveal in June. But thanks to a listing on Play-Asia (spotted by TSSZNews), we finally have some new details about the game.

First: the story. It all starts with Dr. Eggman discovering Ragnium in Ragna Rock island.

This powerful element can fuel his robots, and make them run even faster than Sonic himself. He then send his mining robots on the island, but one of them starts malfunctioning and magnetizing everything but Ragnium. That robot is D-Fekt, who becomes of the Defenders of the Island after his gaining lots of power (which causes him to mess up the environment of other, nearby islands).

Here’s the playable characters:

  • Sonic (speed)
  • Tails (his tail)
  • Knuckles (strength)
  • Sticks (her boomerang)
  • Amy (her hammer) [new character]

Gameplay-wise, we learn that the game will feature giant bosses that take the two screens, but also a new Bot Racing mini-game (playable via local wireless only), and more. There will also be exploration-based levels, and bonus stages such as:

  • halfpipe run similar to the the Special Stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 2;
  • calm underwater stage where you pilot the Sea Fox, looking for collectibles;
  • a stage where you pilot a hovercraft and dodge icebergs.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (3DS) comes out on September 27th in North America, and September 30th.

Source: Play-Asia
Via: TSSZNews


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