Soldam 2: details and screenshots, details on western release coming at a later date

Today, City Connection shared some details and screenshots for Soldam 2 (Soldam ~Kaika Sengen~), which will be released on the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, in Japan.

Let’s start with the story: the game takes place in a mysterious forest, where an equally mysterious tree called Soldam can be found. Strange creatures called Plumies live in that forest: when they eat the fruit of the tree, they “bloom” and transform. Together with the fairies, they want to fill the forest with beautiful flowers.

Here’s details about the two fairies:

  • Ritto: Tam’s younger sister. She’s filled with curiosity, and she loves to make accessories;
  • Tam: Ritto’s older brother. He lives at his own pace, and he loves drawing animals and sweet things.

As for the Plumies, we have:

  • Furufuru (a slime-like creature)
  • Beh (a pelican-like creature)
  • Carole (a rabbit-like creature)
  • Bunbu (a bee-like creature)
  • Manako (a rather mysterious creature)

Gameplay-wise, the main mechanic is pretty simple: you have to clearn lines of tree nuts, following the rules of Reversi. The nuts drop in blocks of four.

Soldam 2 offers several game modes, playable from 1 to 2 players:

  • Soldam Mode (Single Player). Together with the Plumies, you solve various puzzles, and you help them “bloom”;
  • Practice Mode (Signe Player). A mode that lets you practice, where you can drop the tree nuts at your own pace. You can chose to train for as long as you want, or only for a few minutes;
  • Closed Mode: a mode where you have to solve various puzzles by dropping up to five blocks;
  • VS Mode: two players can compete against each other. Features some gameplay elements not found in other modes, such as the ability to send cleared blocks to your opponent, and more.

Here’s some screenshots and art for Soldam 2:

So far, Soldam 2 has only be announced for Japan, but on Twitter, City Connection announced that details about the European and North American release would be shared at a later date.

Soldam 2 (Switch – eShop) will be released on March 3rd in Japan, and at a later date in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer


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