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Shovel Knight Dig (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.1.5 / Next: Wicked Wishes DLC)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Shovel Knight Dig on Nintendo Switch (originally released on September 23rd 2022 in North America and Europe, and September 24th 2022 in Japan)!

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Shovel Knight Dig – Ver. ??? (Wicked Wishes DLC)

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available yet. This update brings the following to the game:

  • rebalances the algorithm
  • implements over 100 bug fixes, tweaks, and localisation improvements
  • adds support for Wicked Wishes DLC (free)
Wicked Wishes DLC
  • Your new adventure begins as you step into the Hoofman’s Guild Hall – a secret hideout where elite quest-seekers and their illustrious patrons converge! Climb the ranks within the guild by undertaking their thrilling challenges.
  • Collect powerful Relics and buffs, face new bosses and enemies, and unravel the mysteries encircling the impeccably dressed horse and his top adventurer, the Guildarch. But be careful what you wish for, wicked consequences await you in the well…

Shovel Knight Dig – Ver. 1.1.5

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed – Corrected inconsistencies when using Downthrust with “Auto-Downthrust” disabled.
  • Fixed – A bug in Mushroom Mines where Propeller Rats could drift off-screen and cause a softlock in an ambush room.
  • Fixed – Limited the frequency of save writes to prevent excessive writing to the storage medium.
  • Fixed – An issue where Blitzsteeds could get stuck in floor collision at Drill Knight Castle.
  • Fixed – An issue where Grub enemies would survive death when hit with abilities that had super knockback while in dirt.
  • Fixed – issues with binding the right analog stick as an action under certain circumstances and other general improvements to action | button bindings.

Shovel Knight Dig – Ver. 1.1.4 (Fates and Fortune DLC)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:

New Content

  • Knightmare Mode: Something truly evil must be brewing down in the well! This mode is intended as a special challenge to players! Each Knightmare stage will augment your run into an even harder version of itself with options like “Unending Endurance” (where the well expands, making each stage longer) or “Robust Rogues” (bosses now have 50% more HP). Each challenge stacks, so make sure to hone your digging skills before progressing! Knightmare mode will track your progress and show the furthest you’ve gone. Each trip down the well will bring you closer to discovering the secrets lying at the bottom.
  • New Friend, Fetcher: At the end of each stage, Fetcher will be waiting at the bottom of the well to fetch you, and bring you up! For 625 Gems, he’ll give players a chance to exit the well mid-run to save their gold and return to the HUB.
  • Mementos: As players complete feats, keepsakes awarded for their many accomplishments will decorate the HUB.
  • New Compendium Additions: New sections to the Compendium have been added! Track Enemies, Sign, Mementos, and Food encountered during your trips down into the well.
  • New Music Track: A new track for Mushroom Mines has been added! Now the game will pick from the original track or the new track to play when you start your dive into the well.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Item improvements based on player feedback.
  • Level design adjustments and additions.
  • You can now turn off auto-downthrust (Shovel Drop) in Menu.
  • Added a new camera “Look Up/Down” feature.
  • Food/Enemies/Signs have been added to the Compendium.
  • Key order adjustments.
  • Seen cutscenes are now skippable.
  • Food & Max HP balancing.
  • Item improvements based on player feedback.
  • Balance adjustments for Tombola food chances.


  • Localization fixes.
  • More improvements with Comet Collar interactions and enemies.
  • Fixed: Levels where inadvertent overlap occurred with moving platforms in Mushroom Mines.
  • Fixed: Siderooms generating unreachable secret walls in Mushroom Mines.
  • Lowered difficulty of some rooms in Smeltworks where you’d be forced to take damage to progress.
  • Fixed: War Horn and Bubble Frog Relic fixes involving loss of gravity applied to the player.
  • Fixed: The War Horn allowed the player to pass through moving platforms
  • Bubble Frog: You can float outside of the Hive Boss fight.
  • Fixed: Mushroom: Unable to bounce off a mushroom cap when the mushroom cap is on a moving platform.
  • Fixed: Bug where the Flare Wand and Griffoth could destroy eggs and wooden keys.
  • Fixed: Fenix Feather: Getting killed from a following bomb and falling to a new stage while having a Fenix Feather makes the player unable to move after reviving.
  • Fixed: Dirt balls without Beetos could fall through collision when jumped on by Shovel Knight
  • Fixed: Sacrifice Room – Boomerang Shovel: You can start the cutscene while the Boomerang is active, causing visual inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: Omega Saw: Waiting for the Omega Saw near the entrance of a horizontal connector will cause the camera to flick around.
  • Fixed: Torpeeto would get stuck ramming into walls and became unkillable
  • Fixed: Using the Blizzeo wand on a Torpeeto while it is turned on its back causes the Torpeeto to not flip over.
  • Fixed: Torpeeto would pass through the dirt when falling down.
  • Fixed: Drill Lances: Entering a side room during their attack would cause visual inconsistency.
  • Fixed: Many potential Ghost Cast soft locks.
  • Fixed: When Shovel Knight is in the Screwdriver Cutscene with a Follow Bomb, the bomb would continue to countdown and explode. It could kill Shovel Knight in the screwdriver room cutscene.
  • Fixed: Relic: If a dropped Relic traveled through a portal, it became a white/gray orb and stayed in that state.
  • Fixed: Drill Capsule: Buff icon can flicker and would remain longer on screen if you spam the jump button.
  • Fixed: The Lancemorpher Feat can be unlocked on Tinker Knight’s first stage.
  • Fixed: Hive Knight would continue to use a long jump after his angry phase was over.
  • Fixed: Drill Soldiers would not damage Shovel Knight if the player stands at the edge of a platform.
  • Fixed: Grub Spawners placed on ceilings would not drop gems.

Shovel Knight Dig – Ver. 1.1.3

  • Release date: November 11th 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 12th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fix – Updated and fixed Localization bugs.
  • Fix – In Magic Landfill, it’s no longer possible to softlock the game when entering a portal and throwing the Boomerang Shovel
  • Fix – Aqua Mole Knight getting stuck in fin form.
  • Fix – Tombola Gem icon persisted into next dialog box.
  • Fix – Rooms where Gastronomole’s shop did not fit properly in the room.
  • Fix – In specific situations when using the warp dirt, and using the War Horn, player would slide across the screen and cause a soft lock.
  • Fix – Secret Fountain floatsome ambush rooms when electrocuting while in water.
  • Fix – A rare softlock in a Smeltworks sideroom.
  • Fix – Corrected platforms in Smeltworks where platforms were too small for oven artwork.
  • Fix – Instances where rooms would be generated with corridors that were too small or had indestructible blocks, preventing the player from proceeding.
  • Fix – Problems with Blueprint spawning in Secret Fountain.
  • Fix – Error with game saves when picking up a buff or Relic for the first time.
  • Fix – Improved the timing when Chester’s shop arrives to coincide better with NPC dialog.
  • Fix – Problem with Grub Pit and Secret Fountain Blueprints missing on some occasions.
  • Fix – Sorting issues with Aqua Mole Knight and various parts of his stage.
  • Fix – Spore Knight’s hat could disappear without being launched.
  • Fix – It was possible to open the pause menu while skipping the opening cutscene.
  • Fix – When rolling in the Ballistic Armor, speaking with an NPC, or interacting with a sign, it was possible to jump into a well, causing the text box prompt to stay on screen.
  • Fix – Giant Crab would not turn on triggers from spikes.
  • Fix – Scrap Knight would become frozen on the floor while her bag was in the air.
  • Fix – A crash when using the War Horn was used on various enemies during the dream sequences.
  • Fix – With the Burrow Horns equipped and while invincible after taking damage, it was possible to overlap with Drill Knight’s sprite and deal significant damage.
  • Fix – Inverse Repeller – will now pull gems towards you when they are embedded in Conveyor Dirt.
  • Fix – Drill Block – Boneclang doesn’t take damage and is pushed into the wall.
  • Fix – Music would not resume after using the Fenix Feather.
  • Fix – Fenix Feather would cause the screen to darken permanently until the stage was reloaded.
  • Fix – With the Ballistic Armor equipped, Shovel Knight could zoom to the end of a Mushdoom quickly in specific scenarios.
  • Fix – Pandemonium Plate now chooses from unlocked armors.
  • Fix – With the Boomerang Shovel equipped, a duplicate shovel could appear when thrown while entering a flip door.
  • Fix – Instances where the Hive Queen was warping where she shouldn’t.
  • Fix – The feat ’Dirt Poor’ wasn’t triggering correctly under certain conditions
  • Fix – The feat ’True Shovelry’ was obtainable from Whisker.
  • Fix – The feat ’Order Of Hoarders’ can no longer unlock in the Main Menu.
  • Fix – The feat ’Weeding’ would re-lock after collecting the Throwing Trowel
  • Fix – The feat ’Penny Pincher’ was being incorrectly unlocked under certain conditions.
  • Fix – The feat ’Hurry Up’ used profile time and not game-session time.
  • Fix – Minor localization issues with menus and shops.
  • Fix – You can now break out of being frozen when using Morphlance without needing to get hit again.
  • Fix – Instances where Relics could be stuck in ball form if landing on a moving platform in a specific way.
  • Fix – Master Argus’s shop sometimes had blank options upon the very first load of the menu.
  • Fix – Player was able to toss their Boomerang shovel and lose it while falling into a well, causing them to soft lock when reaching the next room.
  • Fix – General fixes with Ratsploders and bombs when interacting with collision.
  • Fix – Scrap Knight would soft lock when using the Gusteo Wand or the Comet Collar.
  • Fix – A bug where it was possible to defeat Spore Knight twice, which caused a soft lock.
  • Fix – Using the Fenix Feather during some bosses would cause a soft lock.
  • Fix – When using Comet Collar or Gusteo Wand on enemies/bosses, it inadvertently resulted in them being pushed through walls and becoming inaccessible.
  • Fix – Several potential soft locks in secret rooms.
  • Fix – Various ambush rooms when using Shadow Cast relic.
  • Fix – Instances where duplicate or similar stage signs would appear as level options.
  • Fix – Duplicate Blueprint in Hive appeared immediately after collecting one.
  • Fix – On rare occasions, players could experience infinitely loading wells with no stage generated.
  • Fix – Instances where the background tiles would shift or glitch.
  • Fix – Shovel Knight can no longer die by bombs falling onto him during a dream sequence.
  • Fix – Removing bombs in areas that were causing frustration.
  • Fix – The bomb door did not appear during Enchantress’s unlock path.
  • Fix – Bubble-spawning has been removed from Capsule rooms to avoid Shovel Knight dying in a safe area.
  • Fix – Some rooms in Secret Fountain were not providing rewards when they should have.
  • Fix – Issue in a Secret Fountain side room where a crab would not attack that prevented the player from completing the room puzzle.
  • Fix – Autoscaling health didn’t work when using the Rebuy Loadout option.
  • Fix – The title-screen camera moved erratically when petting Altius, exiting to title, and opening a new save file.
  • Fix – Can no longer unlock a Master Argus challenge in the tutorial.
  • Fix – Shield health was not being restored after taking damage from a dream sequence.
  • Fix – Shield-break effect wasn’t visible when the player had 2 or more rows of health.
  • Fix – Altius can no longer appear twice in the same stage.
  • Fix – Hard and normal Side Drill behaviors were inadvertently reversed.
  • Fix – Misalignment of the icons in the language menu
  • Fix – Sometimes leaderboard scores would report as a 0 score
  • Fix – Sometimes accessories wouldn’t display for leaderboard scores
  • Fix – Gatronomole would sometimes sell duplicate items within the same stage
  • Fix – Drill Knight Elite Guards would sometimes not attack you during an ambush
  • Fix – Adjusted side rooms to prevent softlocks
  • Fix – After purchasing a Relic Key from Hoofman, the game will save the purchase
  • Fix – Localization Bugs
  • Fix – Issues with Fenix Feather causing problem with boss fights under certain conditions
  • Fix – Spore Knight fight now plays correct music track
  • Fix – Fixed a phantom option existing within the options screen on the campfire hub
  • Fix – No longer able to pause the game on the surface when the iris-out effect is active
  • Fix – Autostep no longer disabled when holding the attack button
  • Fix – Altius following you no longer leads to less sideroom variety 
  • Fix – Floating platforms no longer snap into place when returning from a room transition 
  • Fix – Occasions where Altius appears to clip into wall art where treasure chests are placed in tiny rooms. 
  • Fix – For end-area sfx
  • Improvement – Level Design improvements in Secret Fountain involving side room design, access to locked doors, and gears in instances where it made it near impossible to reach
  • Improvement – Level design improvements to Smeltworks for siderooms that improve design and reduce unfairness.
  • Improvement – Mushroom Mines room changes that remove unfair hidden spikes in some rooms.
  • Improvement – Removed continuous threats in a variety of stages to reduce difficulty.
  • Improvement – Optimizations to text rendering and text effects.
  • Improvement – How Crossbows reactivate when entering a horizontal room in Drill Knight’s Castle.
  • Improvement – Added title screen congratulation unlock prompts for regular and True Endings.
  • Improvement – Added more text hints to help with unlocking the True Ending.
  • Improvement – Made it so the Cancel button could be used to exit Master Argus’ menu in the camp.
  • Improvement – After defeating a Propeller Rat with a drill, the drill now pauses longer before falling and won’t damage player as soon as the Propeller Rat has been defeated
  • Improvement – added animation flourishes during the True Ending questline.
  • Improvement – Player is no longer required to speak with Shield Knight when attempting the True Ending.
  • Improvement – Increased the amount of time it takes bombs to explode when dropped by Floorbs.
  • Improvement – Special food now appears in your gear menu.
  • Improvement – War Horn – Tweaked cooldown and overall damage balance.
  • Improvement – Fire Blorb hitbox has been reduced by 1 pixel per side.
  • Improvement – Familiars will no longer kill Drill Knight when Shovel Knight is holding the Omega Driver.
  • Improvement – Feat – 60-second standoff with the Omega Saw no longer requires the player to have escaped the Omega Saw, provided 60 seconds have passed while the Omega Saw is onscreen.
  • Improvement – Updated many chunks in Mushroom Mines to improve gameplay.
  • Improvement – Many Shadow Cast relic improvements in a variety of rooms.
  • Improvement – It’s now possible to cancel Daily/Weekly Leaderboard flags if you accidentally activate one.
  • Improvement – Added a warning for Shovel Master move when a move is being replaced.
  • Improvement – Animation improvements for high-FPS monitors.
  • Improvement – Adjusted sorting priority on moving platforms so they no longer clip incorrectly with background art.
  • Improvement – Spore Knight boss fight adjustments
  • Improvement – Level design adjustments for Secret Fountain
  • Improvement – Game will now pause if your controller becomes disconnected
  • Improvement – Drill Capsule favors player proximity with long-reaching weapons
  • Adjustment – While wearing the Ballistic Armor, Shovel Knight will now be pushed back when you hit someone in ball form.
  • Adjustment – Final Guard now offers you only 3 items, reduces the number of gems saved, and damage taken has been reduced by a slight bit.
  • Adjustment – Master Argus now only offers 2 items.
  • Adjustment – When using Whisker to warp, max health is now set to 6 when skipping to a stage.
  • Adjustment – Adjusted the chances of items appearing in Gastronomole’s shop to prevent duplicate items from appearing.
  • Adjustment – Millbug enemy was made easier by reducing the spinning time by 1 second.
  • Adjustment – Reduced the number of Gems that Drill Soldier could drop.
  • Adjustment – Lava well has a rarer chance of generating in Smeltworks.
  • Adjustment – Overall HPaccumulation balance adjustments.
  • Adjustment – Side Drills now only deal 1 damage.
  • Adjustment – Drill Knight Castle – Conveyor Dirt was moving too fast; it now moves at the intended speed.
  • Adjustment – Shovel Knight will not unlock levels if the run was started via Whisker.


  • Fix – Changing the language, controls, and screen scale settings and then rebooting did not save the changes.

Shovel Knight Dig – Ver. 1.0.8

  • Release date: September 23rd 2022 (North America, Europe) / September 24th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fix – Occasional crash when killed by the Drill
  • Fix – Selection box alignment in controller button-binding menu
  • Fix – Too many rats swarming in mushroom ambush room
  • Fix – Falling rocks could sometimes inadvertently kill a swarm of Propeller Rats
  • Fix – Gastronomole, in rare occasions, not appear at his station
  • Fix – Improper scaling on some accessory icons
  • Fix – Troupple Familiar could sometimes be prevented from healing you when interrupted during a heal
  • Fix – Some dialog UI was present even after dialog was complete
  • Fix – Item physics interactions with War Horn
  • Fix – Various soft locks that the player could experience during specific room generations
  • Fix – Instances where only 2 of 3 gold gears would generate in a stage
  • Fix – Localization bugs and improvements to clarify text
  • Fix – Issues with unintended behavior for some relics
  • Fix – Inconsistent leaderboard stage displays
  • Improvement – General level design changes for Magic Landfill
  • Improvement – General level design changes for Smelt
  • Improvement – General level design changes for Hive
  • Improvement – General level design changes for Water
  • Improvement – Attacking Death Bags will recover them
  • Improvement – Adjusted difficulty for some bosses
  • Improvement – Familiar/Follower movement alignment
  • Improvement – General level design improvements for mini Shovel Knight in Mushroom
  • Improvement – Pause menu navigation and alignment improvements


  • Improved Loading Times and Performance

Shovel Knight Dig – Ver. 1.0.0

  • Release date: September 16th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This is the base version of the game.

How to download updates for Shovel Knight Dig for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Shovel Knight Dig, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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