Shots Fired (assassination simulator) headed to the Nintendo Switch next year

There’s quite a few games that task players with assassinating a specific target (the famous Hitman series immediately comes to mind), and Shots Fired is one of them. But this “assassination simulator” has a unique twist: you have to find exactly who you have to kill based on the clues given to you, and you only have one shot.

Never heard of Shots Fired before? Here’s what it’s all about:

Follow the intricate but humorous tale of a retired assassin returning to their killing career after the murder of their wife, kidnapping of their daughter, and theft of their beloved TV. Use your cell phone to engage in everything from assassination to high speed getaways using apps modelled real world favorites. Maintain your cover as a FuzzBeed photojournalist and take pictures for the “dankest” memes while investigating the seditious conspiracy behind recent events.

In Shots Fired, you get to explore Flat Earth, a fantastic world where literally everywhere is drivable, and selfies are banned (hide that selfie stick right now, you fool!). The game features various locations rendered in pixel art.

As mentioned above, Shots Fired tasks you with executing various targets, but you’re the one who has to uncover their identity based on the clues given to you. No convenient “TARGET HERE” with a big red arrow to guide you! The game also features mini-games, such as car chases, scavenger hunts, hacking, and more.

But this adventure game may be about assassination, it does feature a fair bit of humour, though it’s more of the satire variety than downright slapstick.

Here’s a couple of teaser trailers and some screenshots:

Shots Fired (Switch – eShop) will be released in Q1 2018 in Europe and North America. It’s already been added to the Upcoming Games page!

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