Senran Kagura (Switch): Kenichiro Takaki talks about his HD Rumble game

Last week, during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, a new Senran Kagura game was announced. Very little is known about it for now, other than it will make extensive use of the HD Rumble feature. Thanks to an interview with Kenichiro Takaki, from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (releasing in few hours digitally, and tomorrow at retail), we now have a few more details about the game.

NB: the details below come from a summary of the interview, and therefore may contain innaccuracies.

Unsurprisingly, HD Rumble is a feature he finds particularly interesting, and he believes it will allow them to do a lot more things that simply were not possible with regular rumble before. But he doesn’t really tell us how HD Rumble will be used in this new Senran Kagura game, and instead leaves it to players’ imagination for now.

However, he does tell us that their goal with this game is to convey the feelings of the characters via HD Rumble. Story-wise, this new Senran Kagura title is going to be pretty light-hearted, with a really different story compared to previous games in the series.

At first, only Asuka will appear in this game, but Kenichiro Takaki’s wording implies that other characters will appear later. Speaking of Asuka, her character model has been remade, in order to have a beautiful depiction of lighting (despite the anime style). Finally, whether or not the game will use other Nintendo Switch features is still up the air, it seems.

In the interview, Kenichiro Takaki reveals that this Senran Kagura game is going to be a digital-only title, and that it will be rather affordable (he doesn’t give any price, but that’s not really a surprise!). And just like many other developers, he finds the Nintendo Switch a pretty easy platform to develop for, and he’s actually thinking about other games that could make use of its features.

Senran Kagura (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Famitsu
Via: GamesTalk
Translation: Gematsu


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