RPG Maker Fes rated in Australia, announcement most likely coming next week

Released back in November in Japan, RPG Maker Fes is the Nintendo 3DS entry of the popular RPG Maker series. For those who missed our many posts about the game, RPG Maker is a game that lets you create your very own RPG. It’s both pretty accessible (allowing even people who don’t know a thing about programming) to create some really neat games, and in-depth (with various parameters to edit, and a lot more).

Previous RPG Maker titles have been localised, and so there was a chance this Nintendo 3DS entry would be. And it turns out that RPG Maker Fes was recently rated by the ACB in Australia, with NIS America as the publisher.

This is all pretty interesting, as NIS America will hold its annual press event on February 17th.

And it turns out that, in the invitation sent to the press, NIS America teases one (or more?) Nintendo 3DS game(s). This classification is most definitely not a coincidence, especially since the publisher specified that all titles announced at the press event would be playable there.

Naturally, all this means that RPG Maker Fes will be released not just in Australia, but also in Europe and North America, though it’s not clear whether this will be a retail or digital-only title just yet (a retail release is quite likely), or whether the RPG Maker Fes Player and/or the DLC contents will also make it outside Japan. Fortunately, we don’t have that long to wait before the official announcement, on February 17th!

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Source: ACB


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