REYNATIS to launch this September in Europe and North America; new trailer and more details

NIS America has just announced that REYNATIS will launch on September 27th in Europe and North America.

As usual, a Limited Edition will be available in both regions via the NIS America Online Store. It costs $99.99 includes the following:

  • a physical copy of the game
  • Collector’s Box
  • Art Book
  • Acrylic Art Print
  • Multi-Panel Art Print
  • Digipak Original Mini Soundtrack

And a few days ago, FuRyu shared a second trailer for the game. This new trailer gives us a deeper look at the story of the game, and especially the role Owl plays in it.

Here’s the trailer:

REYNATIS is an atmospheric urban fantasy set in a realistic recreation of Shibuya, Tokyo, where the ultimate clash between magic and order is about to unfold. Seeking freedom through strength, the wizard Marin heads to Shibuya, where he meets Sari, an officer of the M.E.A., an organization dedicated to keeping wizards under control.

Want to know more about the game? Keep reading for the latest details!

Japanese Wizard Guild

The Japanese Wizard Guild is a clandestine organisation led by Makabe Soukuu who govern Another (an alternate world). Their goal is to increase the number of wizards, and they’re using every trick in the book to find new recruits. Their activities attracted the attention of the MEA, who consider the JZG a dangerous organisation.


The Malice Value is a visual indicator that informs you about enmity towards wizards. In areas where that value is high, your actions are restricted. For example, you may not be able to obtain Wizarts that grant new magical powers. There are various ways to reduce Malice, such as completing side quests for example.


Stress plagues our modern society, and even wizards can feel the pressure from time to time. Depending on the conversations you have with other characters/NPCs, your character may become stressed.

The higher your stress level, the more powerful you are in battle, but you need to be careful: if your stress level reaches 100%, your mental state may become unstable, and you may end up using your magical powers without meaning to (which will get you in trouble with the MEA). Managing your stress level is key to avoid harming innocent bystanders.


Here’s some more details about a few characters:

  • Makabe Souku: the leader of the Japanese Wizard Guild. In order to regain the rights wizards were robbed of, and to realise the ideal of the guild, he leads Legacies (wizards with innate powers) into battle against the MEA. At first glance, Makabe looks like really charismatic man, but it appears he’s also in quite the hurry to get on with his life.

REYNATIS (Switch) comes out on July 25th in Japan, and September 27th in Europe and North America.

Source: FuRyu / NIS America PR (09.05.2024)


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