Puzzle & Dragons X will get two versions, a TV anime series, and a manga

Puzzle & Dragons XBack in November, we learned from CoroCoro magazine that GungHo was working on a third Puzzle & Dragons game for the Nintendo 3DS. It follows in the step of Puzzle & Dragons Z (which was extremely successful, with over 1.5 million units shipped in Japan), but with expanded RPG elements, and a 3D overworld.

And it looks like GungHo is pretty serious about this game, as a Puzzle & Dragons X anime series will be announced on Monday in the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about it, and all we know is that it will start airing this Summer (in July). We don’t have the name of the studio behind this anime series, but it will be the same one who animated the opening animation of the game. The anime series will air on TV, and not YouTube (like Monster Strike: The Animation).

Puzzle & Dragons X will also get a manga adaptation by Momota Inoue (who already did the Puzzle & Dragons Z manga), which will begin serialisation in the May issue of the magazine (coming out in April).

But that’s not all: CoroCoro magazine also gives us some details about the game itself, which will be released this Summer in Japan. There will be two versions:

  • Kami no Shou (lit. Chapter of the God)
  • Ryuu no Shou (lit. Chapter of the Dragon)

The protagonist of Puzzle & Dragons X is called Ace, and he’s accompanied by Tamazou, his partner. The theme of the game is “evolution”, and there will be multiplayer (with cross battles).

Here’s the leaked scan from CoroCoro magazine:

Puzzle & Dragons X (3DS) comes out this year in Japan.

Source: Sekkyonist
Via: ANN



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  • 16 February 2016 at 2 h 39 min

    Will they actually support the game this time, or will it be like last time where the servers die within a year?

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