Puyo Puyo Chronicle getting some paid DLC

In the past few years, DLC has become extremely common, and this is true for many different genres. And it turns out that even puzzles games like Puyo Puyo are getting some additional content. Today, Puyo Puyo Chronicle was released in Japan (on Nintendo 3DS), and yes, it’s also getting some (paid) DLC!

The DLC consists of three things:

  • additional music tracks
  • additional voice packs
  • additional greetings for Online Play

There will be a total of 4 DLC waves. For the first one, there’s only additional music tracks and voice packs.

First, let’s start with the music tracks:

  • BGM Pack #1 (includes Request From PuyoPuyo, Last From PuyoPuyo, Heppoko Maou Saikyou Densetsu, and Akaki Sakebi no Hadou!): 200 Yen
  • BGM Pack #2 (includes Amitie’s Theme, Sig’s Theme, Raffine’s Theme, Klug’s Theme): 200 Yen
  • BGM Pack #3 (includes Ringo’s Theme, Maguro’s Theme, Risukuma-senpai’s Theme, Ecolo’s Theme): 200 Yen
  • BGM Pack #4 (includes Rider’s Theme, Feli’s Theme, Ocean Prince’s, Yu-chan and Rei-kun’s Theme): 200 Yen
  • BGM Pack #5 (includes Drago Centauros’ theme, Suketoudara’s theme, Witch’s Theme, Schezo’s Theme): 200 Yen
  • BGM Pack #6 (includes Rulue’s Theme, Accord’s Theme, Lemres’ theme): 200 Yen
  • BGM Pack (includes Pack #1 to #6, 24 tracks): 1000 Yen

Next, we have the voice packs:

  • Raffine and Sig: 150 Yen
  • Carbuncle and Ocean’s Prince: 150 Yen
  • Klug and Yu-chan and Rei-kun: 150 Yen
  • Feli and Lemres: 150 Yen
  • Witch and Draco: 150 Yen
  • Rulue and Satan: 150
  • Voice pack (all characters): 750 Yen

Finally, there’s also some free DLC, available until March 14th: it’s a special voice pack for Arle and Allie, featuring Misako Uno and Chiaki Ito respectively).

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